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c. 2511



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René-081 was a candidate in the SPARTAN-II program. Along with twelve other candidates, René was crippled during the augmentation process.


During the augmentation procedures, René was crippled by the surgeries and could not continue his/her military career as a SPARTAN-II supersoldier. Despite René's now defective body, Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez noted that he/she and the others who could no longer fight still had keen minds. These "washouts" were reassigned to a non-combat position within the UNSC Navy, specifically planning missions, analyzing data, and troubleshooting operations.

John-117 last saw René during the funeral ceremony held for the deceased Spartan candidates, in the launch chamber of the UNSC Atlas. René was in a neutral-buoyancy gel tank, breathing through a respirator alongside Kirk-018, whose skeletal system, due to the carbide ceramic bone ossification, was also disfigured beyond recognition like René's. René and the other injured SPARTANs were then taken out of the launch chamber by a few crewmen. René and the other washouts were likely permanently reassigned to Office of Naval Intelligence.[3]

In her journal, Dr. Catherine Halsey stated that she had found a possible way to reverse the bone ossification effects on Kirk and René. She may have been able return them to normal health.[4]

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