Audio log (Halo Infinite)/UNSC/Outpost/12

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>> 20900-60101-MJ
<< [####ENCRYPTED####]
RE: Banished activity around artifacts

  • Spartan Jaide: Rosado, you hear me? I can't get a clear view of what they're loading into the Phantoms. I can get confirmation on the signal spikes we're detecting. You're right. It's Forerunner.
  • Spartan Rosado: That explains the high security. Good work, Jaide. I'm suddenly less interested in what the Banished are transporting, and more interested in the destination. Time to hitch a ride?
  • Jaide: Stowing away on that Phantom would be simpler than breaking through all that security. I don't like it, but that seems like the only viable option.
  • Rosado: That's... that's a truly awful plan.
  • Jaide: Oh, don't worry. Soon as we're clear of Banished airspace, I'm commandeering the Phantom and coming to pick you up.