Valorguards of the Chosen

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Valorguards of the Chosen
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The Valorguards of the Chosen are a Sangheili mercenary clan within the Banished, with General Inka 'Saham as a prominent member.[1]


During the Human-Covenant War the crew of Heresy's Sorrow attacked UNSC supply lines and UEG trade routes. When the Great Schism began the Sangheili crew was forced out of the Covenant by the Jiralhanae. In the years following the Covenant's collapse, Escharum of the Banished struck a deal with Inka 'Saham, for service to the Banished he would receive payment. 'Saham joined as a mercenary, merging into the of Valorguards of the Chosen.[2]

In 2559 a bounty was placed upon Inka 'Saham which a Spartan-IV headhunter undertook and failed, only to be captured and tortured.[2]

The Valorguards of the Chosen served as part of War Chief Escharum's forces during the Banished occupation of Installation 07 in 2560. At this time, 'Saham was a Bloodstar within the group's Third Lance of its Second Combat Element.[3] During the conflict, his location was discovered by the Weapon and shared with Spartan-II John-117, who hunted down and killed 'Saham, along with the Banished forces accompanying him.[3]

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