D'nomlhe-pattern Banshee/Gameplay

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  • Unlike Type-26 Banshees in Halo 2: Anniversary, the Type-54 Banshee can use its fuel rod cannon both in campaign and in multiplayer. It can lock onto enemy aircraft only and not ground emplacements.
    • The fuel rod is more efficient at killing than the plasma cannons. Because of this, players should make use of both weapons for the most efficient kills possible, with the plasma cannons being used while the fuel rod reloads.
    • The fuel rod projectiles become faster if the player fires them while performing evasive maneuvers (default button: LB).
  • Pressing the melee button (default: RB) slows the Banshee down so it enters Patrol Mode.
    • Entering Patrol Mode is useful for engaging enemies in tight areas (e.g. Warzone bases).
  • The Type-54 Banshee is slightly more durable than previous Banshees due to having energy shielding. However, the shields break in 3 BR85N battle rifle bursts.
  • Shooting at the Banshee's wing joints deals extra damage to it. With this considered, 103 BR85N bursts at the wing joints will destroy a Banshee.
  • The T-54 Banshee is found in the following campaign missions: Blue Team, Enemy Lines, and Genesis.
    • In Blue Team, the player can activate an Easter egg to spawn an Ultra Banshee. This only works on solo, though.
  • In 2018, the Banshee was changed to have a longer delay between each use of its acrobatic maneuvers.
  • In the campaign, a Banshee's fuel rod cannon can kill a campaign character and make them unrevivable, but only if it directly hits them.
  • Warzone features three additional variants of the Banshee:
    • Sword Banshee: an improved Banshee which features better armor over the standard model. This is useful for extended combat engagements.
    • Ultra Banshee: a Superior Banshee with heavy armor, higher speeds, and a rapid-fire, linear-trajectory fuel rod cannon that operates like the Pool of Radiance with its two secondary explosions. The Ultra is very useful for engaging ground and air enemies and bosses in Warzone.
    • Temple Banshee: a Masterwork Banshee with similar armor to the Ultra variant and the ability to fire while boosting, as well as improved handling. This variant is most useful for quick hit-and-run engagements and more aggressive engagements.