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This article is about the Unggoy powered exoskeleton. For the MJOLNIR armor variant, see GOBLIN-class Mjolnir.
Pnap-pattern Battlesuit
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Production information


Technical specifications


3.6 meters (11.8 ft)[2]


4.3 meters (14 ft)[2]


4.1 meters (13.5 ft)[2]


2.5 tons (2.26 tonnes) [2]

Other system(s):



One operator[1]


In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts


Heavy combat battlesuit



"The Goblin is a Balaho-born battlesuit that embodies the pillars that Unggoy themselves universally agree their species is known for: ruggedness, agility, and lethality."
Jeff Easterling on the Goblin[3]

The Pnap-pattern Battlesuit[2], commonly known to humanity as the Goblin is a battlesuit built for Unggoy, by Unggoy, on their homeworld of Balaho.[3] The Goblin's designers agreed that it was the perfect embodiment of agility, lethality, and ruggedness,[1] three pillars that the Unggoy universally agree their species is known for.[3]


Design details[edit]

A bipedal powered exoskeleton that serves as a battlesuit specifically for Unggoy, the Goblin is rugged, agile, and lethal. While the Goblin itself is shielded with thick plates of armor, the battlesuit's operator, known as a jockey, is protected inside the cockpit by a dedicated energy shield. The Goblin is believed to be able to operate even under the direst of circumstances.[3]

The Goblin's design is created in the likeness of the Forerunners' "pre-ascension" form, as popularized by famous Unggoy theologian Ang'napnap the Enlightened.[5] The Goblin combines exotic engineering acumen, Covenant manufacturing technology allowing the battlesuit to be automatically assembled, and a user interface design built specifically for Unggoy operators. Personnel of the United Nations Space Command agree that a single Goblin is a greater threat than an entire combat lance of unsuited Unggoy, albeit a little less dangerous than a file.

Despite its size, the Goblin is incredibly mobile and capable of jumping up to two hundred feet into the air. The Goblin is able to use its "arms" to punch any opponent that draws too close, or utilize an electromagnetic pulse capable of disabling nearby vehicles.[1]


Goblins are armed with a double-barreled needle cannon capable of dealing significant damage to vehicles. The Needler can also be utilized as a multiple-launch system, capable of firing a barrage of blamite shards that can target up to eight different hostiles. This feature is powered by a device attached to the Goblin's backside and is disabled when the device is removed or destroyed. Accompanying the power device is a Shardstorm launcher, capable of firing entire clouds of blamite needles.[3] As a backup weapon, the Goblin is armed with a grenade launcher.[1]


A screenshot of several Pnap-pattern Goblins.
Several variants of the Goblin seen in War Games.

Two variants of the Goblin are present in the UNSC's War Games simulations; the default permutation and the Mythic-tier permutation. Both are said to function somewhat differently.

Operational history[edit]

"Come at us, humans! Let us blow you to pieces!"
— A Goblin pilot attacking Alpha-Nine.[7]

Jiralhanae Chieftain Hekabe's forces used Goblins during the Carrow Conflict to excavate the Vertex in September 2558.[8] By October 2558 Goblins were used in Warzone simulations aboard the UNSC Infinity.[9] When Alpha-Nine attempted to rescue the survivors of the UEG delegation on Balaho Unggoy-forces loyal to the Created attacked the Spartan-IVs with two Goblins.[7] During Yapyap's rebellion at Installation 00, Banished Goblins were put into service under his command.


  • Like many Covenant vehicles before it, the Unggoy's Goblin is named after a supernatural creature. The Goblin is a legendary mischievous or evil dwarf-like daemon from European stories and accounts of the Middle Ages.
  • One can disable the Goblin's shield, however it is very hard to do. Once it is disabled, the Unggoy inside can be killed with a headshot.


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