Oaxaca Station

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Oaxaca Station
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Facility information


Geosynchronous orbit over Earth


Orbital defense


Mark V "Super" MAC Gun

Historical information

Oaxaca Station, is a Moncton-class orbital defense platform in geosynchronous orbit above Earth. It is named after the Mexican city of Oaxaca.


In March 2558, Fireteam Majestic was stationed aboard Oaxaca Station while the UNSC Infinity was under repair. The night of March 22, Gabriel Thorne had a nightmare about the New Phoenix Incident which caused Tedra Grant to wake him. They discussed Thorne's nightmare and whether he would be going to the re-opening of New Phoenix.[1]

Production note[edit]

The station is depicted with a docked Stalwart-class light frigate in the seventh issue of Halo: Escalation. This is obviously a result of the comic's artist referencing an image of Cairo Station from Halo 2, which has the frigate UNSC In Amber Clad docked at the time, and possibly mistaking the ship for a permanent feature of the station.

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