UNSC Mesa Verde

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UNSC Mesa Verde
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Halberd-class light destroyer



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Participated battles:

Battle of Netherop





UNSC Mesa Verde is a Halberd-class light destroyer in service with the UNSC Navy.[1]

Service history[edit]

In 2526, the Mesa Verde was one of several vessels of Battle Group X-Ray assigned to Task Force Pantea, a task force of destroyers operating as a "wolf-pack" unit in the Outer Colonies. These task forces were deployed in the Outer Colonies to independently harass and destroy the supply lines of the invading Covenant fleets. At 21:00 hours on June 3, 2526, the Mesa Verde was an element in the task force over Netherop when the destroyers encountered a lone Covenant frigate - the Steadfast Strike. The destroyers engaged the frigate, quickly eliminating the Strike's primary weapon systems and disabling the ship.[1]

Task Force Pantea was later ordered by Admiral Preston Cole to stay on-station to support Blue Team during their operation to recover the wreckage of Steadfast Strike, later engaging the Covenant Fleet of Swift Justice.[1] It is unknown if the Mesa Verde survived the battle.

Crew and complement[edit]

As a wolf-pack destroyer, the Mesa Verde carried no on-board Marine complement.[1]


The vessel is likely named after Mesa Verde National Park, a national park located in Colorado, United States of America.

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