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Unknown Pirate Queen
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May 10, 2558

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Kig-Yar Pirates


"We have always known this day would come. Call every functional ship to the launching platform for the counter offensive..."
— The pirate queen to her soldiers

This Ibie'shan Kig-Yar was a pirate-queen who ruled an underground pirate settlement beneath the surface of the planet Ven III.[1]


The Queen established her pirate kingdom on the volcanic planet of Ven III. By 2558, her outpost's operations had brought her and those serving her considerable wealth. In May of that same year, the Office of Naval Intelligence sought to eradicate the pirate-queen's nest by dispatching the UNSC Infinity, in the guise of an operation to apprehend a bioweapon from a Sangheili terrorist.

Operation: WHISTLE STOP[edit]

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"I have no concern for a small terrestrial force. This battle will be high above, amongst the stars. Once we join the others at the front, the humans will be overwhelmed by the sheer force of our-"
— The pirate queen to her forces and Ayit 'Sevi

On May 10, the Sangheili mercenary Ayit 'Sevi arrived in the Queen's underground city while pursued by Spartan-IV's and demanded a direct audience with her. 'Sevi offered to sell her a Spartan he had captured on the planet, which the Queen accepted. When the Queen inquired about the bioweapon in his possession, the Sangheili reassured her it would be taken far away and warned that human reinforcements would come for the captured Spartan. Realizing that the humans would descend on their planet, the Queen deployed a fleet to halt them upon their arrival and ordered every available ship to launch a counter-offensive in response to war. As Infinity's assault crafts began to breach the planet's atmosphere, the Queen prepared to join the rest of their fleets in orbit and overwhelm the Infinity with force. However, before she and her ships could exit a vent to the surface, a pair of HAVOK tactical nuclear weapons dropped by a Longsword detonated in the entrance of the conical landscape and completely obliterated them.[2]


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