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Eddie Smith

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Eddie Smith is an artist who was employed by Bungie from 2002 to 2006,[1] although he had also worked on Halo: Combat Evolved as early as 2000, possibly as a contractor rather than an employee.[2]


Smith was a part of a 3D artist team that worked on the Halo games, which focused on dividing the races up so that each would have its own unique architectural style. Marcus R. Lehto headed up the design of the humans, Shi Kai Wang took the Covenant, and Eddie Smith had the Forerunners.

He has also done concept and illustration work for 343 Industries as a freelance artist, including concept art for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and illustrating the cover for the novel Halo: Glasslands.[3]



  • He was one of the Bungie artists who worked on the Halo Graphic Novel.
  • Eddie designed the Mylar print, which was sold as a limited signed edition, with only 500 copies.