BR85 battle rifle/Gameplay

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  • The BR85N is a four-shot kill, as with previous Battle Rifles.
  • The BR85N outperforms the M6H2 at long range but is inferior to the M395B DMR.
  • Compared to the BR85HB from Halo 4, the BR85N is more accurate and has a faster rate of fire. In addition, its default built-in Recon sight allows for more open sight picture, allowing players to see enemies from afar better.
  • It has a slightly higher rate of fire than the BR55, although both weapons have similar effective ranges and the BR55 has much less vertical recoil.
  • In Arena, the BR85N is a common weapon, prominently featured in SWAT. On standard Slayer matches, it is found across virtually all standard maps.
  • Warzone and Arena feature multiple attachments for the BR85N:
    • Long Barrel, which improves the BR85N's red reticle range, bullet magnetism, and aim assist.
    • Laser Targeter, which reduces bullet spread for better accuracy. Players having problems with accuracy should consider grabbing a BR85N with this attachment.
    • Silencer, which allows for stealth kills.
    • Stabilization Jets, which allow for more accurate shots by reducing vertical recoil.
    • Kinetic Bolts, which deal extra damage against vehicles, useful for players who cannot requisition or find a powerful anti-vehicle weapon.
    • Energy Bayonet and Knight Blade, both ideal for close range engagements. The latter provides even more damage against vehicles.