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Maria-062 wearing an airfoil carapace as she enters Earth's atmosphere.

An airfoil carapace is a deployment package for a parafoil.[1]

The carapace is a highly resistant unit which allows a SPARTAN to enter the atmosphere of a planet from high orbit. It includes hard points for weapons, to prevent them being lost in the deceleration upon entry to the atmosphere. Because only specialized gear (such as the MJOLNIR armor) can survive the extreme heat during atmospheric re-entry, the carapace cannot be used by regular military personnel. Once terminal velocity has been reached, and a suitable altitude above the planet surface has been attained, the parafoil may be deployed for a safe landing.

The MJOLNIR/HP/Parafoil variant is specifically designed for compatibility with the G-25 PAS Airfoil Carapace.[2]

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