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UNSC Operational Test and Evaluation Center

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UNSC Operational Test and Evaluation Center (UNSCOTEC) is a facility located near the Special Warfare Center at Songnam.[1]


The primary purpose of the UNSC Operational Test and Evaluation Center is to quantify and reduce risks during the acquisition process for a system, by determining how well the systems perform when operated and maintained by military personnel in operational environments.[1]


The UNSCOTEC is known to have carried out a test of the re-entry and combat capabilities of the Mark VI variant of MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor, prior to John-117 being outfitted with it on Cairo Station. For the purpose of the test, the UNSCOTEC enlisted the help of Maria-062, another SPARTAN-II, to wear the armor during the combat and re-entry tests.[2]


The 340th ODST Combat Training Unit is attached to UNSCOTEC.[1]

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