340th ODST Combat Training Unit

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340th ODST Combat Training Unit
Maria-062 preparing to ambush a number of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers of the 340th ODST Combat Training Unit.


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The 340th ODST Combat Training Unit (340th ODST CTU), also known as the "Adversaries" is a UNSC Marine Shock Trooper unit that provides realistic combat training exercises for other UNSC Special Forces units.[1] The unit also instructs other Special Forces units in the use of Covenant combat tactics.[2]


The unit is assigned to the Special Warfare Center in Seongnam, Kyonggi Province, United Korea. They are also attached to the UNSC Operational Test and Evaluation Center in which they provide realistic operational testing for new and modified weapon systems.[1][2]


Mark VI MJOLNIR armor test[edit]

In October 2552, Kilo Team and Echo Teams of the 340th CTU provided a mock combat exercise to test a suit of Mark VI MJOLNIR armor in Seongnam. SPARTAN Maria-062, who wore the armor, deployed from low Earth orbit via a parafoil and launched a sudden attack on the ODSTs. She was able to neutralize six ODST trainers with paint pellet guns, paint grenades, and hand-to-hand combat. However, as she entered structure Alpha-Two, she was quickly subdued by Kilo Team. Later that day, the armor was delivered to Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 only minutes before the Covenant's invasion of Earth.[1]


During the exercises with Maria-062, the members of the 340th Combat Training Unit utilized paint pellet guns, paint grenades, and "Humbler" stun devices. They also wore ODST armor, which provides full protection to the body and face.[1]

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The designation of the 340th Combat Training Unit is likely a reference to the number seven, as 3+4+0=7.

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