Trattoria Georgi

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"The Georgi is a quiet place."
Georgi Baklanov[1]

The Trattoria Georgi, also known as the Georgi, was an Italian-style restaurant located in New Tyne on Venezia.[1] It was owned by Georgi Baklanov until his death on December 12, 2553.[1]


Named for its owner, Trattoria Georgi served as an informal meeting place for smugglers of all kinds on Venezia. It was especially known to be a hangout for smuggling gangs employed by the Keepers of the One Freedom. It was typically a quiet place where outbursts were unusual. In December of 2553, the trattoria employed a slender brunette woman who managed the bar and two henchmen of Baklanov's would protect him when he was present. In addition, he paid lookouts to alert him to any unwanted visitors approaching the location. The establishment served golden cordials, hiskal, and wotha.[1]


Located along the Via Notoli in New Tyne, Trattoria Georgi contained a small dining room with tables, chairs, and booths that could at times be packed with customers, human and Kig-Yar in particular. It contained a bar of polished stone and dark wood and there was a door at an end of it that led to an office. There was a back door in the kitchen that opened to a service alley. The ceiling was just high enough for a Jiralhanae to scrape its head against it and the walls were covered in plaster that overlay their structural panels. The front of the building was largely occupied by a massive window that looked out over a walkway along the Via Notoli. A wood-planked side street and walkway ran along the side of he building.[1]


"Time's up, Mr. Baklanov. Now we die."
Veta Lopis

On December 12, 2553, Office of Naval Intelligence operative Veta Lopis and her team of Spartan-III Ferrets were present in the restaurant to meet Ross Nyeto as part of Operation: RETRIBUTION.[1] They were posing as criminals who were seeking transport to use in the delivery of ten stolen HAVOK nuclear devices. Unbeknownst to Nyeto or the other patrons present, their actual objective was to make enough noise so that the Keepers of the One Freedom would seek them out. To this end, the Spartan-IIs of Blue Team were planning to breach the trattoria and enter into a convincing mock engagement with Veta and the Ferrets. When the time came, Frederic-104 and Kelly-087 crashed a pair of M121 Jackrabbits through the front window. The firefight that broke out between both groups of UNSC operatives, Nyeto's gunrunners, and Georgi Baklanov's guards resulted in the interior of the restaurant being torn apart by gunfire. Tables and chairs dissolved into splinters in the chaos and the bar was turned into wreckage. Picus, a Jiralhanae guard who served Ross Nyeto, used his hulking frame to break through one of Trattoria Georgi's side walls near a corner, creating a three-meter hole. The violence left all but Lopis, Nyeto, and the Spartans dead, including Georgi Baklanov. In addition, the restaurant was reduced to ruins.[1]

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