Ziggy's Hangar

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Ziggy's Hangar is a hangar located at the New Tyne Airfield in New Tyne, Venezia. It was a haunt used by Kig-Yar affiliated with the Keepers of the One Freedom in late 2553.[1]


The hangar is covered by a roof blanketed in moss. A concrete taxiway with an abundance of weeds leads to giant access doors caked in rust, suggesting that it may not be used frequently. Most clerestory windows are either missing or half-filled with jagged shards of panes. Outside the hangar the only security is a dilapidated guard shack staffed by a single human. This guard was known to doze in a chair while on the job in 2553. A three meter by three meter panel pops free from the doors and slides aside to let people in. Inside, the hangar is dimly lit and filled with several craft. Thick struts may support some of these craft above its concrete floor.[1]

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