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"The Taulanti. Someone hits a UNSC munitions ship in the Isbanola sector--and you think I won't hear about it?"
Ross Nyeto to Veta Lopis.

The UNSC Taulanti is a munitions ship in service with the United Nations Space Command Navy.[1]

Service history[edit]

Following an attack on the UNSC Donoma that killed Vice Admiral Graselyn Tuwa and resulted in the apparent kidnapping of her husband and children on December 1, 2553, the Office of Naval Intelligence created reports that the Taulanti had been raided by pirates in the Isbanola sector. This was done in order to legitimize the cover stories of Veta Lopis and the three Spartan-IIIs of her Ferret unit, who attempted to pass themselves off as the ones who had hit the ship in order to be contacted by the Keepers of the One Freedom, the group that was suspected to have attacked the Donoma. The story went that ten HAVOK tactical nuclear weapons had been stolen from the ammunition ship. While meeting with a gunrunner that had expressed interest in purchasing half of the nukes, Veta told him that they had also scored Argent V missiles and Gauss cannons during the raid. For a few days beginning on December 8, the UNSC stopped and boarded Crows in the Orso system and notably looked for Archer missiles and Mini-MACs, leading to the assumption among some that a Crow fitted with those weapons had been behind the incident.[1]


The Taulanti was a cluster of Illyrian tribes that lived on the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

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