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Ghost Flag

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UNSC Ghost Flag
Production information


Razor-class prowler


Slipspace drive:

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine


Titanium-A armor


Service information

Participated battles:


Task Force Yama (formerly)

Known commanders:

Ross Nyeto (formerly)



The Ghost Flag is a Razor-class prowler that was controlled by the gunrunner Ross Nyeto until his arrest in December 2553.[2] It was once a part of Task Force Yama, a task force assigned with launching Operation: SILENT STORM, a counterattack against the Covenant in 2526.[3]

Operational history[edit]

In 2526, the Ghost Flag acted as part of Task Force Yama during Operation: SILENT STORM, a counterattack against the Covenant designed to buy time to develop countermeasures for Covenant technology. In reality, the Ghost Flag was secretly one of four Prowlers crewed by Insurrectionists under the command of Hector Nyeto though the UNSC Ghost Star was destroyed in the Battle of Seoba. After Nyeto's treachery was revealed, the Ghost Flag fled with the other two surviving Prowlers of Ghost Flight to slipspace.[3]

Ross had used it to smuggle weaponry throughout the Isbanola sector, including to the Keepers of the One Freedom for Arlo Casille in support of his coup. Before that, his father used the prowler to become a hero of the Insurrection and the Gao Republic in particular. Right before Ross was arrested, the Office of Naval Intelligence operative Veta Lopis made an offer to rent the use of the Ghost Flag in accordance with her undercover persona at the time.[2]

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