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UNSC Prowler Corps




Office of Naval Intelligence


Intelligence, stealth infiltration and exfiltration


Onyx Conflict



The Prowler Corps is a division of the United Nations Space Command's Office of Naval Intelligence.[1] All permanent crew aboard ONI prowlers serve in this sub-branch. The Prowler Corps apparently has an earlier mandatory retirement age than the rest of the Navy branches.[2] The human colony of Falaknuma served as a base for a section of the Prowler Corps, alongside several Navy frigates.[3]


Prior to 2526, Hector Nyeto gained control of Ghost Flight of at least four Razor-class prowlers. Because flight commanders approve all crew replacements, he was able to slowly fill his unit with Insurrectionist crewmen. Such an effort was estimated to have taken years or decades.[4]

At some point, Akio Watanabe was captured by Insurrectionists and was physically tortured. The Prowler Corps rescued him from the insurgents, and thus he became very loyal to them.[5] While recovering from the injuries he obtained, Watanabe began working with the Prowler Corps. He soon discovered that modified Covenant weaponry was appearing in the hands of civilians and insurgents through the human colonies. To end the distribution of the weapons, the Prowler Corps worked with another section of ONI to find the origins of the weapons.[6]

Several months before the Cole Protocol was put into effect, the Prowler Corps put together several missions to sneak behind enemy lines and remove any existing human navigation data that could lead to Earth or other human colonies.[7] The Prowler Corps would deploy units to locations where they thought the navigation data could still exist. In 2535, Spartan-II Gray Team was sent to the Rubble in the 23 Librae system to ensure no data was still existing.[8]

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