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18 Scorpii[1]





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Falaknuma is a planet in the 18 Scorpii system[1] and a human Inner Colony of the Unified Earth Government.[2]


During the Covenant's massacre across the Outer Colonies, Falaknuma had very little UNSC Navy support, housing a base for a section of the Prowler Corps, as well as a handful of frigates led by Commander Arthur Resnick.[1]

In 2535, Lieutenant Jacob Keyes escorted Habitat Exodus from the Rubble to this colony using UNSC Midsummer Night.[1] The Exodus asteroid then disintegrated and its debris created a navigational hazard around the planet, which according to experts would take years to deorbit and burn up.[3] Following the evacuation of the surviving Rubble population from Exodus, they were placed in refugee camps across Falaknuma, some of which quickly slipped away.[3] Ignatio Delgado later enlisted in the UNSC Navy at a recruiting station in Halkia on Falaknuma.[4]

On March 6, 2543, a minor engagement between a CPV-class heavy destroyer and Battle Group Sierra-3 took place in the 18 Scorpii system, where the UNSC Navy battle group was aided by insurrectionist forces.[5]

Behind the scenes[edit]

The colony is likely named for Falaknuma Palace, one of the finest palaces in Hyderabad, India.

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