Unggoy Rider

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This article contains information of dubious canonicity. While not officially established as fully non-canonical, certain aspects of the subject may not be part of the official Halo canon.
Unggoy Rider
Blitz art of Jiralhanae Rider.




Yapyap's rebellion

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"Ain't my Brute cute? Aww."
— A Grunt Rider on Installation 00.[1]

Unggoy Riders are select Unggoy that ride Jiralhanae into battle. Some Grunt Riders have a tendency to develop an obsession with biofuels, power management, and gladiatorial fights. Other Grunt Riders suffer “accidents” at the fists of the Brutes if they get too bossy. The rest simply hope to survive long enough to get promoted to Locust driver or methane hauler.[1]


  • Info: Anti-Infantry, Powerful melee unit, Good against infantry and buildings, Grunt riders can throw grenades, Can ram
  • Tier: 0
  • Cost: Population 3, Supplies 150, Power 75
  • Cannon Fodder upgrade: Punch Harder You
    • Info: Grunt overlords grant the Brutes gloves that leak plasma, making their attacks much more powerful against all targets
    • Tier: 2
    • Cost: Supplies 0, Power 500

Unggoy Riders are exclusive to Yapyap the Destroyer and can be built at Raid Camps in place of Jiralhanae Jumpers. Grunt Riders perform well against structures, okay against infantry, poorly against vehicles, and cannot attack aircraft except the Grunt itself dealing little-to-no damage. In Blitz Grunt riders cost 40 energy. Grunt Riders typically outperform both Jump pack Brutes and Goliaths in engagements.


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