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Soham Chowdhury




Kolkata, India

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My name is Soham Chowdhury and I also edit pages of destinypedia

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"There are many example of robots in halo universe: Promethean knights..."
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"Various airborne robots or unmanned aerial vehicles: Service drone - Re..."
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I noticed the pages you were creating and, while I know you mean well, I think you should read Halopedia:What Halopedia is first.


Those subjects are already adequetely covered on their own pages. Feel free to further develop the existing Drone page in a manner similar to other "hub" style pages such as Seraph or Warthog, but as it stands we really don't need a further two pages covering the topic when it barely has info. If the page is simply a list of existing UAVs, that would be better served as a category like Category:UNSC drones


Hey man, I've noticed you've been creating a lot of pages recently. It'd be great if you can hold off on making too many pages too quick or too fast. Pages about general subjects such as robots and UAVs without much specific Halo context don't need creation, and when needed can just link to the real-world wikipedia article on that subject. If you're going to make pages like these, it'd be great if you can at least add more than a single sentence of content and follow the page creation layout guidelines found in our help section. As it stands, I'm going to mark the two for deletion now to give you some time to improve them, but otherwise the pages will be deleted. Thanks a lot.