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Soham Chowdhury


April 16, 2018

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"Can we destroy wraith by using plasma launcher"
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"Sig Raan have one cybernetic eye. Some Sangheili have a cybernetic jaws"
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"We have to create a separate page for cybernetic "
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"Can you help me to create a page on cybernetic "
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"Why are you deleting the gauss repeater page"
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"This video is about binary rifle analysis then why are you deleting it"
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My name is Soham Chowdhury and I also edit pages of destinypedia

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It's not notable enough to create a page just to list that some characters have it.


There's not really much need for one.


As mentioned in the deletion log, the article doesn't constitute as notable enough to warrant a full page. Additionally, what was there did not follow the layout guidelines for Halopedia articles. You're free to add the info, properly sourced, to the existing coilgun or gauss weapon pages.


I removed your edits because we usually only allow the use official media on our pages. So no fan-made content or analysis. You can write the information from the video on the Gameplay section.