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Unggoy Ranger

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This article is about the Covenant remnant rank. For other uses, see Ranger.
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Extra-vehicular activity


Unggoy combat harness (EVA variant)
EVA thruster pack

Notable individuals:


Also known as:

Space Grunt[1]


The Unggoy Rangers[2] are a specialized group of Unggoy serving in the Covenant and its remnants.


Unggoy Rangers are specialists fully trained and equipped for extra-vehicular activity. With engagement suits designed to withstand extreme temperatures, low-to-zero gravity, and other rigors found in the vacuum of space, this role is fully capable of EVA combat. In accordance with longstanding Covenant protocol, Unggoy Rangers can also be deployed into terrestrial environments, where terrain is unsuitable to traverse for other infantry.[3]


Wide-stack methane supply harness[edit]

The Unggoy ranger harness has a wide-stack methane supply tank with an EVA thruster pack on it, this allows the user to freely navigate low-to-zero gravity environments. The helmet has a twin-filter rebreather so the Unggoy user does not suffocate in the harsh environments.[4]

There are two versions of the Unggoy ranger suit, both of which cover the entire Unggoy body and have hock-mitigators on the feet. The version with a more smooth surface is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, low-to-zero gravity, and other rigors found in the vacuum of space. The second version has more layers.[4]


Unggoy Rangers aren't any more difficult to kill than other Unggoy. A single precision shot to the head is enough to bring one down on any difficulty. On the other hand, Unggoy Rangers tend to panic less than normal Unggoy when a Sangheili is killed. Furthermore, they can use their EVA harnesses to make short jumps when operating in a vacuum. The Unggoy can rush you with their jetpack and attack you in close quarters if you keep your distance, which is usually very uncommon for grunts.


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