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  • Using the Regenerator in conjunction with short range weapons leaves you almost invincible, though you will still be vulnerable to snipers.
  • A Regenerator is very useful for defending yourself against grenades. Some players believe they could survive a grenade spammer with a Regenerator, however, if two frag grenades are thrown in succession, they are enough to kill a player while standing inside a Regenerator's field.
  • Another tactic is a grenade followed with a quick headshot on a normally-shielded opponent.
  • In campaign, if a Brute throws a Regenerator, do not run into it, as it heals him too. All in all, do not run into an enemy's Regenerator just because it exists.
  • Use the Regenerator to quickly recover from an instant shield dropping blow. If in teams, it is best to drop the Regenerator and have somebody drop a Bubble Shield. If in Free For All, drop it in a hard to reach place, like one of the Shotgun corners in The Pit.
  • When in a Regenerator with an opponent, melee, don't shoot; it is a much more effective way to take down your opponents, unless you have a weapon such as a Shotgun, Sniper, or a Mauler (one-shot kill, or close to a one-shot kill).
  • Throwing a Regenerator inside a Bubble Shield while camping is a way to survive the grenade that is often dropped after a player's death.
  • A Regenerator does not recharge an Overshield; only the normal shielding.
  • Try using the Regenerator against enemy players on Narrows by throwing it in a Man Cannon (see trivia).
  • When playing King of the Hill gametypes, throwing down a Regenerator inside the hill can help you sustain control, but can ultimately lead to many contentions for the hill by multiple players constantly having full shields.