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Prior to 2525[1][2]

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Krith was a notorious Kig-Yar pirate lord within the Covenant empire's domain. He has been referred to by varying titles, including that of a pirate-lord,[1] a pirate prince,[2][3] and a Pirate King.[4][5]


During his reign, Krith maintained personal vaults that contained various weapons, including a personalized Zubo-pattern beam rifle known as Krith's Left Hand.[5] Considered to be a heretic by the Covenant, Krith's reign was ended by Ripa 'Moramee, a Sangheili warlord serving the Ministry of Preservation.[3] 'Moramee led a legion of Sangheili on Malurok against Krith's own forces,[3] butchering the infamous pirate and his allies.[1]

This conflict reduced 'Moramee's legion to a handful of hardened killers, but cemented his reputation for ruthlessness.[1] After Krith's defeat, 'Moramee raided the pirate prince's personal vaults, retrieving Krith's Left Hand.[5] Years later, 'Moramee's success in overthrowing Krith would influence the Hierarchs' decision to grant him the rank of Arbiter.[3]


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