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H5G Parallax 3.jpg
Map overview


Halo 5: Guardians


Orion Arm


Interplanetary space, upper planetary atmosphere

Gameplay overview
The Orion Arm of the galaxy teems with danger and opportunity.

Parallax is a Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer map intended for use as a Forge canvas.[1] The map was released as part of the Cartographer's Gift update on December 16, 2015.[2]


Parallax has no actual terrain, but does have boundary markers which disappear during games.[1] In Forge, players can change the map's skybox to one of four appearances:

Blue Planet[edit]

An unknown blue celestial body.[note 1]

H5-Map Forge-Parallax blue 01.PNG

Halo Ring[edit]

The center of Installation 04 (taken from the skybox of the map Truth).

H5-Map Forge-Parallax halo 03.PNG


The Urs system, featuring Sanghelios and its moons Qikost and Suban in the background (much like in the opening cutscene of the campaign level Swords of Sanghelios).

H5-Map Forge-Parallax exosphere 03.PNG


A cloudy area with mountains below (taken from the opening gameplay section of the campaign level Genesis).

Ascendance was added via the Hammer Storm content update on February 24, 2016. This update also increased the map's play area boundaries by 20% horizontally and 45% vertically.[3]

H5-Map Forge-Parallax ascendance 01.PNG


Blue Planet[edit]

Halo Ring[edit]





  1. ^ Although the skybox's name refers to the object as a planet, it may actually be intended to be a star. The lack of a nearby sun to light the supposed planet suggests that the object itself is a sun emitting its own light.


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