Apex 7

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The central spire on the island.

Apex 7 is a simulated location developed by the Office of Naval Intelligence Section Three's top War Games team. It is part of Project BLACKBALL, which aims at recreating key locations from the Halo rings. Apex 7 is a composite of high-value research archives found on Installation 03 and Installation 05, and assumed to have existed on Installation 04.[1] It was inspired by the island of the Silent Cartographer on the latter installation.[2] The simulated environment is a tropical island with a capital spire in its center, along with multiple UNSC facilities such as armories and home bases. The background and skybox comprise other islands, multiple floating Forerunner spires, the rising Halo horizon on both sides, and a gas giant. Specialized fast-response teams composed of Spartan-IV operatives are drilled to either defend or seize Apex 7 under a myriad of threat profiles ranging from hostile Promethean resistance to Covenant occupation, all while utilizing the full range of weapons and vehicles.[1] The main Warzone simulation is called "Raid on Apex 7", while the modified stormy variant for Warzone Assault is called "Array".[3]


  • The location's name is a reference to the number seven.
  • Apex 7 was first unveiled at San-Diego Comic-Con 2015 as a Mega Bloks recreation composed of more than 89,500 blocks.[4]


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