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Level overview



Defeat Prometheans en route to Meridian Station



Gameplay overview

Default weapons:



Iron Skull


Level Notes[edit]

  • Make sure that you have downloaded the latest campaign patches. A prior annoying behavior of your NPC teammates was that they would frequently leap out of vehicle side seats to drive any vacant vehicle they'd see, even if it's a Warthog with no gunner or a Gungoose just a few nicks away from destruction. Fortunately this has been fixed in post-release updates, so download them if you've left your game offline since then.
  • The primary anti-Soldier tactic of the first level "Osiris", that is, Boltshot and headshot weapon, has limited use in "Glassed" due to basic Crawlers being rarer and tending to hang back and snipe amidst backup.
  • The Scorpion's control between turning the cannon and turning the tank has but the blur between "turn tank" and "turn cannon" is more noticeable in Halo 5: Guardians due to the tank levels being much less linear than in previous games. If you find yourself confused as to how to get your tank moving or turning in the direction you want it to, turn the cannon all the way forward so that the camera resets, letting you ease into your turns again.
  • This is the first level where you face Prometheans with Incineration Cannons, which has been revamped from its Halo 4 incarnation to have two firing modes: two small explosives that travel in an arc, and a charged shot resembling the original rocket blast. Promethean Knights always signal the latter by pulling their firing arm back and then jumping in the air to fire.
  • NPC Spartans riding on a vehicle cannot switch their weapons. Make sure they have the preferred ones equipped. To get them to wield their stored weapon, order them to pick up a new weapon then again to pick up the weapon they just dropped.

Level Start[edit]

The Elevator Courtyard[edit]

As soon as the door to the first combat zone opens, toss a grenade to your left to take out the first batch of Crawlers that assembles near the door. Take out any left with the pistol, then swap it for a Boltshot from the dead Crawlers.

The elevator courtyard is divided into two high emplacements, a road in between, and a wide area by the exit where most of the Prometheans are. The left structure is a tall cliff leading to a sniper balcony and landing hangar, the right structure is a small garage with three stories and turrets. To defeat all the Prometheans in this area, one should start from the left to the right.

After defeating the first few Crawlers, head down the hill and look to your left to see a Soldier and two Crawlers attacking a settler. While they're distracted, take them out with your battle rifle and collect any Boltshot ammo that's dropped. Then head up the stairs to the hangar on the left cliff. Up there, there will be a few Crawlers and Soldiers behind a landed ship. Most of them are armed with Suppressors. Due to the ship as cover, this fight can be fought as fairly mid-range, but the Soldiers like to throw grenades. Fall back below or behind nearby stairs if their fire gets overwhelming, and concentrate on headshotting Crawlers and weakening Soldiers with the Boltshot before a headshot. A second wave will come after the first is wiped out. Toss grenades under the ship as they arrive, and defeat them the same as the first.

To the Bridge[edit]

The Garage Assault[edit]

Tank at the Gate[edit]

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