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Blue Team
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Level overview



Secure Argent Moon from Covenant pirates.


Argent Moon

Gameplay overview

Default weapons:



Black Eye


This is a walkthrough for the second level of Halo 5: Guardians, Blue Team. It is written for play at Legendary and Heroic difficulty, although it also contains notes for lower difficulties and cooperative play.

Level notes[edit]

  • This level is all Covenant unlike the previous one, so the Noob Combo is now viable. The plasma pistol can now be smart-scoped, for "peppering" at long distance with small shots and also to make the overcharge more accurate. Note that on Legendary, high-ranked Elites like Warriors and Zealots can resist one overcharge, needing two following headshots to be killed.
  • You have access to every human weapon except the Spartan Laser and Sniper Rifle (if Linda's Nornfang is not included) in this level and a lot of Covenant ones. As such, there are many more ways to get through encounters and more firepower when you need it.
  • On Heroic, the DMR takes five shots to kill an Elite Storm in 1.4 seconds, while the Battle Rifle takes 4 shots in 1.3 seconds. However, the Battle Rifle has 12 shots per magazine while the DMR has 15, and has 48 shots total while the DMR has 60. As for the Carbine, it takes six shots to kill in 1.3 seconds, but has 20 rounds per magazine and can carry 100 shots total. Ammo for the battle rifle is plentiful, DMR ammo is slightly rarer, and carbines are only available in two rooms.
  • Blue Team is best used to finish off weakened opponents or to lure out strong ones. If one targets an Elite upon dropping its shield, they're usually capable of finishing it off. However, don't leave a single enemy targeting for too long or they might suicidally charge it. If you suspect a strong enemy like a Zealot is still in the room, send your Spartans ahead to see if it goes for them.
  • The best weapon to arm Blue Team with is Hydra launchers. The NPC Spartans are capable of firing them rapidly from long-range without having to reload, they have lots of splash damage, and they're both strong enough to deal with high-ranked enemies while weak enough that Blue Team won't shy from using them on minor infantry. There are five Hydra Launchers total available in the level.
  • Fred is armed with a DMR, Kelly with her shotgun Oathsworn, and Linda with her sniper rifle Nornfang. Their disposable secondaries are M6H pistols. Nornfang and Oathsworn both lack their built-in boosts and upgraded attributes from multiplayer, so assume their weapons are functionally normal.
  • On Heroic, automatic weapons like the assault rifle, SMG, and storm rifle are viable. On Legendary, they're better ignored for the noob combo.
  • Any rank of Elite can toss grenades now. Keep strafing and avoid backing into a corner.
  • Jackals are more dangerous now because Rangers can use storm rifles, giving them the same firepower as Elites. As they frequently come in groups, stay back so they don't swarm you.
  • If you miss targeting an enemy and instead order your teammates to a far location, just point at the floor and target again to override that command.
  • Enemies with active camouflage cannot be targeted. Disrupt their shields to make them easier to see.
  • The Banshee is more powerful and durable than it was in Halo 4. It can recover from incidental damage with its energy shield, and its flips and spin tricks are faster. Additionally, its fuel rod gun can lock on again. It's typically better to rely on the fuel rod gun rather than its plasma guns, as the fuel rod kills quicker. If one fires a fuel rod as they flip, the projectile will travel faster. It takes two fuel rods to destroy an enemy Banshee, one to break the shield and another to blow it up. Blue Team will also join you in Banshees, though they typically stick to plasma shots.
  • Activating the Tilt skull is also recommended for this mission due to the many Elites present. This makes the storm rifle and Carbine viable weapons to use against them.

Blue Team (Level Start)[edit]

The Data Center[edit]

  • Fred: "What do we know about Argent Moon?"
  • Linda: "ONI research station. Went dark nineteen months ago. Last week, Kig-Yar scavengers found it, and sold the find to Jul 'Mdama's people."
  • John: "We clear the Covenant and return this station to ONI."
  • Kelly: "Fastest route to retrieval is to seize Central Control. Eliminate hostiles between here and there, then deactivate gravity and life support systems."
  • Linda: "Ship data center is just ahead. We can pull down Argent Moon's schematics there."

You start with an assault rifle and a magnum. There's no combat in the level until you pass the first Mission Intel and enter the second room. There will be two Grunts examining consoles unaware of your presence, and a third one in a tunnel to the right. Past them in the next room are two Jackals, an Elite Commander and Warrior leading some Grunts, and another Warrior further back with two Jackals and three Grunts that enter after them.

The Grunts are easy to assassinate; the only danger is accidentally opening the door next to one of them, which will alert the other enemies to your presence. They also carry plasma pistols with full 100% charge. The tricky part is the next room. It's divided into three sections, a narrow corrider where Jackals patrol, a wider room with boxes where two Elites and Grunts stand guard, and a higher level reached by ramp where the highest ranked Elite will fall back to and let in more enemies. On Heroic, the box room is accessible by a hidden vent tunnel that lets one assassinate one of the Warriors. Then one can hide behind the boxes to pick off the others. But on Legendary this will get you in a tight corner where suicide Grunts can easily get you, plus you'll be separated from your teammates.

So on Legendary, assassinate all three Grunts, grab a plasma pistol from one of them, and head down the tunnel to the corridor. Surprise the two Jackals with a grenade and use your magnum to shoot the gap in their shields. The Grunts will come around the corner while the Elites will hang back. Be careful going around corners because the Elites like to toss grenades. After killing the Grunts with headshots, use the noob combo to fight Elites. When two Elites are dead, the last one, usually a Warrior, will fall back to the upper level, which is defended by two Jackals. Going up the ramp it went up by is risky, as he'll often toss a grenade, take pot shots, or even draw an energy sword. He'll also open a door letting in three more Grunts. Try clambering up from a bit farther back to put some distance for magnum shots.

When the enemies are dead, grab another of the completely full plasma pistols from the previous room. Your allies' weapons don't matter much for now, but if you'd like you can order them to pick up storm rifles or SMGs from the crates. Refill your magnum ammo from the dispensers nearby and then activate the data center then the elevator for the next encounter.

The Repair Bay[edit]

  • Fred: "Most direct route to the shipyard is through the wall ahead."
  • John: "Let's charge through."

The elevator deposits you and your team at a platform over the next encounter, which is accessed by charging through a metal barrier and ground pounding the Grunts below. You can actually see down below through a window on the platform. Below are several Grunts, several shield Jackals and Elite Rangers stationed a yard of construction equipment, Jackal Rangers hanging back as marksmen, and a two-storied platform they're defending with more Grunts, two more Rangers, and a Zealot at the top.

Look through the window, pull out your magnum, wait for the Grunts to cluster together, then charge and ground pound the Grunts, headshotting any that are left. Blue Team will follow, and your tactic now will be to dodge and weave through cover, picking off Jackals and noob comboing Elites. Use the squad commands to target weakened foes; Blue Team can often finish them off and the HUD marker will track the enemy should they retreat. Keep using the targeting, because without it Kelly and Linda like to charge into the enemies and get overwhelmed, while a specific foe usually leads them to hang back to shoot. If you're using an assault rifle or SMG instead of a plasma pistol, use the smart scope to increase your accuracy.

When most of the Elites are dead or falling back, the Jackal Rangers will come up and harass with their storm rifles. There's a lot of them and they have long sightlines, so use cover and carefully headshot with your pistol, as well as having Blue Team target them. They often like to take position at a platform on the left, so don't move up until they appear to be dead or retreating.

When the remaining Covenant are on the two-storied platform, you have two ways of fighting them. The first is to walk up the platform via its stairs to engage them. This lets you up there quickly but is risky because they have the high ground, so they might charge you on the narrow stairs. The second is to try and flank them by climbing up the crates on the right. This lets you keep some distance from them, though clambering takes time and you may need to jump off if they toss grenades. Pick off the Grunts, and order Blue Team up the stories ahead of you to lure out Elites for noob combos. The last will usually be the Zealot, who will first hang back firing a storm rifle before moving in with an energy sword. Do not head up his stairs to engage him; wait for him to charge your teammates for an easy noob combo.

When the music slows, the area is clear. Your pistol is probably half-empty, so swap it for a DMR hidden under the platform's first story. Grab a plasma pistol as well, or if you're using the SMG you can find some ammo for it behind the crates on the back right of the bay.

The Shipyard[edit]


  • Fred: "There's a Hydra here."

At the top of the platform is a Hydra Launcher. It's a handy weapon with targeting grenades that's easy to fire and useful on tough foes. But in the upcoming section there's going to be a ton of Jackal Rangers, who easily dodge the grenades and are too numerous for a weapon that can only lock-on to one enemy at a time. So order a teammate to pick up the Hydra instead. Kelly is the best choice; she'll use it the most often because her shotgun has a rather short range. Make sure she or another teammates goes through this level with it, because it will be very important later.

Ahead you is a big shipyard with lots of Jackal and Grunt Rangers. The Jackals all have storm rifles, so they can easily overwhelm you if you get too close. Stay back on the platform and headshot them; it's rather easy to get several of them in seconds. If you need DMR ammo, there's some in a tunnel on the platform's left and more on an overheard platform above where the Hydra is. Since there's extra, you can order Linda to pick up one of the DMRs for herself.

When most of the Jackal Rangers are dead or fallen back, move up the shipyard. Keep the high ground atop the spires so as to retain distance from enemies and to stay safe from grenades. Also keep a lookout for Grunts on the ground who may take potshots at you. Ahead of you will be another wide platform supported over breakable walls. The remaining Jackal Rangers will be on the top, and an Elite Warrior will lead Grunts and shield Jackals on the bottom. One or two of the Rangers may have a carbine, so it's top priority. When the Rangers have fled the platform, move to the ground floor to help Blue Team against the infantry. Use grenades to overwhelm the shield Jackals, and have Blue Team target the Elite Warrior while you take out Jackal Rangers. Any of the dead Grunts around can provide plasma pistols for an easy noob combo.

When all the infantry are dead, it's time to arm up for the next encounters. First, look for the Jackal's carbines. If there's just one, then give it to Fred or Linda since it will likely only have a single magazine. If there's two, swap your DMR for it, as a carbine can carry more ammo than the DMR or battle rifle. Then look for the Blaze of Glory, a hidden Rare shotgun that will be very useful later on. It's hidden on a platform on the right on the way of leaving the shipyard. When John says "Central Control is through these doors", look to your right and climb up the platforms you see. At the top will be a piece of Mission Intel and the shotgun will be visible nearby it. Grab it and drop carry it to the ground floor and have Fred carry it for now. Make sure Kelly keeps her Hydra launcher. As for you, take a plasma pistol or an SMG as your side arm; you'll find several in this battlefield.

When you and your teammates are all armed up, head across the catwalk to initiate the cutscene and the next area.

That Fair and Warlike Form[edit]

The Tunnels[edit]

  • John: "Frederic, get us back on course for Central Control."
  • Fred: "Bringing up schematics. There's an elevator we can use, but access is four levels down."
  • John: "Mark a path."

The first batch of tunnels is in a rough H shape, so it doesn't matter which of the two door you go through. In the middle there will be a tunnel connecting them where three Grunts patrol. They're easy enough to headshot. Sometimes you can assassinate one of them, but which direction they face is random.

In the room past them, there will be six sleeping Grunts. Once they're all killed, a door on the far end will open, revealing a few more Grunts and two Elites hidden with active camouflage. These Elites are the biggest threat, so toss a plasma grenade as soon as the door opens; you might stick one of them. Use the SMG or plasma pistol to wear down their shields, then either you or Blue Team should get the headshot. If you're feeling lucky, get to the door before it opens, keep your distance, and toss a grenade or two inside, which could wipe out the Grunts or stick the Elites. When they're dead, keep going.

The following tunnels will have suicide Grunts that come around the corners. If you approach a corner and hear a Grunt yell something, step back and headshot the Grunt as it appears. These Grunts drop spare plasma grenades and plasma pistols with 100% charge, so pick them up if you need some. The Hunters that strike the tunnels here are intimidating, but they won't hurt you, for now. When you approach a tunnel that has a fork to the left but also keeps going forward, look left quickly, toss a grenade in, then fall back. If down right, you'll take out a pair of Jackals and two suicide Grunts in a single explosion. If they don't die, fall back, headshot the Grunts, then tag team the Jackals with Blue Team.

The next room has two entrances, and has several Grunts and Jackals who are patrolling about. The first few tend to walk from the left to the right, while other hold position farther back. If you enter from the left through a tunnel, they won't see you at first but will be more spread out. If you enter from the right, they'll see you quickly but they're be clustered for a grenade toss. Engage them, headshot the Grunts, but watch the far door. When all the infantry are dead, a cloaked Zealot with an energy sword will rush in. Have a noob combo ready and target him so you can see him. You can use a frag grenade on him, but avoid using plasma grenades because you'll need them later, unless there are more left in this room.

When everything in the room is dead, the tunnels are cleared but there's one more thing you must get. This room has a hidden tunnel on its left, behind some small boxes. Enter inside and you'll find another Hydra launcher. Trade for it, bring it to the main room, then trade it again so Linda can pick it up. As for you, take the Blaze of Glory from Fred for yourself now; you can give him an SMG instead. As for your secondary weapon, you can either keep your DMR or carbine, take an SMG too, a plasma pistol, or the energy sword from the Zealot if it has high charge.

Hunters in the Dark[edit]

  • John: "Hunters..."
  • Fred: "They're strong, but slow. Use the lab equipment to keep above them and out of their reach."

Now comes the tough part. You and your teammates are put up close against two Hunters in this fairly small lab. While Hunters' melee range isn't quite as large as it was in Halo: Reach, they've got a lot of health, are much faster than in the previous games, and most of their attacks are a one-hit KO. Additionally, if you get too far out of their range, instead of firing a complete fuel rod, they'll fire a dozen mini-shots that will track you and quickly strip your shield. While this attack is slightly less deadly because it's not instantly fatal, it does screw up attempts to try and pick at them from long range, because they're now better at doing that than you. What you've got on your side is your teammates and any of the weapons you've brought down here.

When the fight starts, one of the Hunters will emerge by the elevator while the other one will stay back for now. The first Hunter always turns its back for some reason at the start, so target it and try to stick its back with plasma grenades. When it turns, duck into the elevator. The elevator is the safest place in this room; despite the cracked glass, it actually can't break and they never enter inside it. Blue Team, at your targeting, should open fire on the Hunter with their two Hydra launchers. They've got enough explosive firepower to blow off the Hunter's backplate and keep him defensive, but it can still overwhelm them. So when his back is exposed, sneak up behind the Hunter, scope in the Blaze of Glory, and then shoot it in the back. Two meatshots should be enough to kill it. If it turns midshot, run, because the Hunter dominates at close range. If you're using the energy sword, it could take faster, but you'll be even closer to the Hunter than with the shotgun. Using the SMG spray can also help distract it if it gets too aggressive toward a single teammate. Strike hard, but don't get impatient.

When the first Hunter dies, the second Hunter will go berserk. Its eyes will glow, green electricity will spark between its spines, and it will increase its rate of fire. The enraged Hunter can fire two fuel rods at a time, and will charge for you for longer. You need Blue Team to keep it on the defensive. When the first Hunter dies, target the second and fall behind cover. Blue Team's grenade barrage will force it to defend, letting you sneak around to blast it in the back again. You can skip the fight entirely by using the platforms to stay above the hunters, run to the vent and unlock it. Watch out for hunters as you do so. Jump down the vent. Blue team will follow you through. This unlocks the achievement “I thought I lost you” (note this makes it so there are four hunters at the end of the level while you wait for the prowler to fuel.)

When the Hunters are both dead, follow the waypoint to the vent you need to open to progress. The Blaze of Glory isn't necessary after this section, especially on Legendary, but the only weapons you'll find here are assault rifles and battle rifles. Grab more grenades if you need them then follow your team down the vent.

The Reactor[edit]

  • Jackal 1: "What is happening? Why has the fleet come?"
  • Jackal 2: "Jul 'Mdama is dead! Regroup! Attack Sanghelios!"

The reactor room returns you back from small enclosed engagements to big wide ones. But despite the increased space, this room is especially challenging because of two factors: Jackal Snipers and enemy plasma turrets. If you haven't been using the Noob Combo or Smart Scope up until now, now is a good time to get acquainted with both. After dropping down the vent, you'll reach an balcony overlooking several shield Jackals, a few Jackal Rangers stationed on other platforms, and two Elite Rangers as well, with more enemies in the back. A walkway goes up to the left, a ring in the center serves as a high lookout, and the tough enemies have taken position in the control station on the far side of the room.

You're given a free opportunity to ground pound two unaware Jackals conversing with each other when entering. As soon as you land, the two Ranger Elites will leap up to the left walkway. On Heroic, you can dash up there and blast them both with the Blaze of Glory as soon as they land. But on Legendary the Jackal Rangers will just shoot you down as you try, so stay back, grab a plasma pistol from a dead Jackal, and emp charge or grenade both Elites. When they're dead, carefully move up the walkway, headshotting any Jackal Rangers you see and helping Blue Team with any shield Jackals. In the middle of the left walkway is a weapons cache with many battle rifles, which you take should you need a refill or if your carbine or DMR's shots are low. Get to it, but don't move up any further, as now you're in range of the turrets and the snipers. Order Blue Team close to you so they can aid you and not rush into fire.

The Jackal Snipers are the top priority, but they have to be lured out. Right after them are the turrets, which are manned by Elites. The rest of the infantry will usually stay back and not harm you. To get the turrets, scope in a plasma pistol, aim for the gunner, and shoot uncharged shots until the gunner's shield breaks. When it pops, switch to the battle rifle to headshot them. It can help to use the squad command to target the gunner so he's easier to see in the dark. Your teammates with Hydra's can be quite helpful if they start blasting the turrets with grenades, but again make sure they stay close to you and not rushing into the fire zone. If you see a glowing red light, that means a Jackal Sniper sees you. Duck back and carefully headshot it. There are two, and they usually miss as long as you keep moving. Usually a hit from them with break your shield and leave you at half health. They can one-hit-kill you, but only if you stay too still.

When the snipers are dead and no more Elites are going to the turrets, then it's safe to move up. Headshot Grunt and shield Jackal infantry, and use the noob combo on Elites. Be careful still, because at this closer range they like to use grenades. The few enemies will be a few Jackals and usually an Elite Warrior inside the station room. Since going up the ramp into the room can be risky, order Blue Team to go in ahead of you to lure them out. Then kill the enemies while they're distracted.

When all the enemies are dead, it's time to collect weapons for the next area. First, pick up the carbine in the floating ring above the reactor. It will have 70 shots, more than both the DMRs and battle rifles, and if you have the previous carbine you can combine their ammo to have the 100 shot maximum. Second, get a Hydra launcher for your third teammate. Go to the weapons crate on the left walkway, and climb up on the pipe on the wall above it. Follow the pipe to its end then jump across a chasm to a balcony on the other side. On that balcony will be a breakable floor, which you can ground pound to find a hidden room with a third Hydra launcher. Next, take a beam rifle from one of the dead snipers as your secondary. If you want to bring a third weapon along, such as the Blaze of Glory or another weapon, drop carry it on top of the reactor and leave it on its edge. It should then come down with you to the following section. Lastly, bring one of the plasma turrets from the reactor control. When you and your teammates are all armed up, press the reactor switch then head to the reactor to ride it to the next section.

Banshees in Space[edit]

  • John: "How do we stop it?"
  • Fred: "There are sheds located on either side of the cooling chamber. Those are our targets."
  • John: "Reach the control sheds. Get the cooling system offline."

The Banshee section is not too difficult as long as you keep track of enemy spawns. Spawn in too many, and you'll be overwhelmed. Engage a little at a time, and you should be fine.

The reactor will land in a central platform connected to two walkways on either side of it. On one side there is an Elite Ranger leading several Grunts, and on the other is an Elite Ranger leading Ranger Jackals. Two Banshees are also flying around. A few of the Grunts have fuel rod guns, but they tend to hang back while the Jackals are more aggressive. Priority one is reaching cover so that the three groups don't overwhelm you. The platform has two outer walls, one of which is taller than the other. Head for the taller one and put your back to it. This will make it harder for both Banshees to attack you at once. Locate the Banshees and have Blue Team target them; your plasma turret can strip their shields and your team's Hydras perform well against them. Then pick off Grunts from a distance with the carbine. When the Jackals approach, headshot them with the carbine as well. If a Banshee starts attacking, break off and seek cover immediately behind a pillar. When only the Elites remain, use the beam rifle to snipe them.

When the upper platforms are cleared, you can head for the lower ones where the override controls are. At each will be either Grunts or Jackals, and a Phantom usually arrives to drop off more when they're cleared or if you enter the platforms' center building. It's best to head their on foot, as entering a vacant Banshee will trigger more enemy Banshees spawning. Once again, the carbine is most helpful for picking them off. You might be close enough to use grenades, but keep your distance in case of any Grunts with fuel rod guns. The beam rifle can be used on Elites, and should it run low swap it for a fuel rod gun or plasma pistol.

Once both platforms are cleared, you can break the door to their control center where the override controls are. Inside the override control rooms are rocket launchers, battle rifles, and dropped fuel rods from the dead Grunts. Take the battle rifle if you're low on carbine ammo. Now it's time to prepare a Banshee. While there are many vacant ones parked all over this area, a hidden Banshee Ultra can be found; unfortunately, it is available only on solo play. It has double the durability of an ordinary Banshee, and its fuel rod does increased splash and residue damage, which will be most appreciated on Legendary. To summon it, grab a rocket launcher (replacing your beam rifle) and head to a large pipe on the lower half of the room that has three outlets connecting to the outermost wall. Follow that pipe to another smaller pipe intersecting it, and on that smaller pipe will be a plasma pistol and an odd protrusion. If one steps into it, lights will flash and after a while a Banshee Ultra will fly by in perfect distance for hijacking. Grab it and land by a override control dock. See here for a guide on how to gain the Banshee Ultra.

Active the override then board your Banshee. When the coolant pipes are exposed, more Banshees will fly as well as Phantoms carrying troops. A Phantom will constantly drop troops in the large center platform where you landed, usually with many Jackal Rangers. Additionally, Grunts with fuel rod guns will hang out in the catwalks and pipes to surprise you. It pays to keep your distance and bomb with your fuel rod from afar. Though there's a limited amount of Banshees and ranger Grunts, the Phantom with the Rangers infinitely returns. Keep away from the middle so that the Jackal Ranger packs don't overwhelm you, and don't let enemy Banshees get behind you. Your waypoint marker will point to where all the pipes that need to be destroyed are.

After you blow up all the coolant pipes, a shield door will change color to let you land your Banshee through. Sometimes Blue Team may not follow you, but usually that's because there are still Banshees in the area. If they still have their Hydra launchers, then finish off the stragglers so that they'll join you in landing.

The Prowler Hangar[edit]

  • Fred: "There's the Prowler. But the hangar's full of Covenant."
  • John: "Clear 'em out and prep for launch."
  • Fred: "Do it quick. I'd rather not be here when the station melts around us."

The Prowler hangar is the final battle in the level, and it's a very tough encounter where you can easily end up swarmed. There are several principles to keep in mind to pass it easily. First, control enemy spawns; don't let a wave come until you're ready. Second, take out infantry first and focus on heavy enemies when they're alone. Lastly, keep Blue Team close to you and arm them with Hydras.

The hangar itself is a big square room with multiple levels. There's a ground floor, a second floor of balconies in a "H" shape, and an underground floor. Cover is sparse and limited only to large and medium crates. Because this battlefield is so open, distance is a better protection. Keep toward the far sides of the room rather than engaging up close, or enemies will pour out of all floors to tackle you.

Wave 1[edit]

The first wave of Covenant is already in the hangar when you arrive. Drop down to the large entrance, grab a spare railgun from nearby crates, and scope-in your carbine as the door opens.

As the door opens, stay back and look for a Grunt with a fuel rod gun on the middle balcony almost directly ahead. Headshot it before it notices you then keep picking off Grunts and Jackals. A pair of Rangers usually jumps up from the left right after. Keep in this room and don't step into the hangar until you can't see infantry anymore.

When you close to the edge of the nearest ledge, Zealots will spawn from behind a crate ahead. On Legendary, there are two cloaked Zealots in the hangar; lower difficulties have just one. Keep your eyes open for it and hit them with the railgun just as they arrive. If you miss, send Blue Team ahead to lure it out. Then stick to the upper balconies and keep picking off Covenant, especially fuel rod Grunts, until you're sure the whole hangar is clear.

Wave 2[edit]

  • PA: "Vehicle launch preparation. Fuel cells at zero percent. Initiating refueling."
  • Fred: "Hold off the Covenant while the Prowler preps for launch."

Once you're sure the entire wave is dead, it's time to arm up for the next wave. First, equip Blue Team with Hydras if they've lost them. There are two of them in the hangar, one on the balcony closest to the entrance and another on the ground floor on the left south side. The third teammate, if they don't have a Hydra, can take a railgun. Next, arm yourself. Pick up a rocket launcher and fill it up to max ammo. You'll find one in the underground under the balcony by the far hangar controls and another by a crate to the left north on the ground floor. Drop this rocket launcher by the hangar controls; you'll be using it later. From the ammo crates, take a battle rifle or DMR and a SAW as your secondary. Assemble yourself and Blue Team at the balcony by the hangar controls. The plan is to keep them close and defend from this spot behind the crates. When you're all ready, activate the hangar controls to begin the wave.

The second wave begins fast, so turn as soon as you press the button and start picking off infantry. Stay behind the crate and shoot approachers with either your precision weapon or SAW. The Hunters will enter the room shortly thereafter, but just avoid them for now. It's better to take out all the infantry first rather than try to take out the Hunters first and screw up your shot with all the minor fire coming at you. As long as you keep your distance, the Hunters will stay on the ground floor. Also keep ordering Blue Team to stay here with you and not run into the open.

Use your battle rifle or DMR to headshot mid-range enemies and use your SAW at close-range if a pack rushes you. Blue Team will be more useful at close-range for now due to the tons of fire making them skittish. Once only the Hunters are left, swap your SAW for the rocket launcher. Target a Hunter and fire your rockets; Blue Team will aid with their Hydras and railgun. Done right, and a Hunter will fall after two or three rockets. It can help to alternate firing at either Hunter, since Wave 3 will come when there's only one enemy left.

Wave 3[edit]

  • PA: "Prowler fuel cells at 50 percent."
  • Fred: "Covenant reinforcements inbound!"

When it's just one Hunter left, the next wave will come. This one consists of primarily Elite Commanders, a Warrior or two, some Grunts, and a Zealot or Zealots. Finish off the Hunter and keep staying back to avoid these Elites, which should stay back in the center balcony. The Grunts will approach, so keep picking them off like in the previous wave. Also keep an eye out for grenades from the Elites.

When all the Grunts are dead, it's just the Elites left. Take a plasma pistol with your precision weapon to noob combo them. It's now safer to approach their balcony, but stay alert. Though there's several Elites left, this portion is often surprisingly easy, as it's not uncommon for Blue Team to open fire with their Hydras on them and finish off all the Elites before you get to them.

When everything else is dead, press the button in the center balcony to end the level.

Notes for Lower Difficulties[edit]

  • On Easy and Normal, no Jackal Snipers will be present, thus making the Beam Rifle unobtainable until Reunion.
  • Take your time and clear each area of enemies before moving on. You will learn valuable skills on this level as it contains a little piece of everything you are going to encounter, from open spaces requiring ranged weapons to tight spaces needing close quarters weapons.
  • On Easy and Normal, Grunts will man the plasma turrets in the reactor room, and they get replaced by Elites once slain.
  • The "On My Mark" and "I Thought I'd Lost You" achievements are best tackled on lower difficulties, where ammo is not as crucial and death is not as frequent.

Co-op play notes[edit]

  • As Fred starts with a DMR and three frag grenades instead of two, he can blast groups of enemies with grenades more often; plus, if needed, he can give his DMR to another teammate.
  • While Linda normally spawns with her Nornfang sniper rifle, it is not uncommon for the weapon to run out of ammo, so if playing as Linda, replace her Nornfang with a DMR or Carbine when possible.
    • The same can be said about Kelly's Oathsworn, which should preferably be replaced with the Blaze of Glory, which can be found on a ledge before starting the second part of the mission, or a Hydra Launcher.
  • Players who respawn during many parts of the mission may be equipped with an assault rifle and magnum.
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