Wyrd optics suite

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The scoped reticle of the Wyrd III optics suite.

The Wyrd optics suite is a smart-linked targeting system predominantly found in conjunction with UNSC military hardware related to Project GUNGNIR.


Wyrd III[edit]

The Wyrd III optics suite is a smart-linked targeting system and a component of the M6/V Spartan Laser.[1] Its reticule, whether on 1× or 3× magnifications, features a meter on the right side showing the charging status of the laser. The tick mark rests at the bottom of the circular shaped reticule while the laser is dormant, and gradually travels along the reticule's circumference until it reaches the point of origin, indicating that the laser is currently discharging.[2] The GEN2 iteration of the GUNGNIR-class Mjolnir is equipped with a Wyrd III optics suite, with some Spartan-IV personnel favouring the helmet for this reason.[3]

Wyrd IV[edit]

The Wyrd IV is a later-generation of the Wyrd optics system, compatible with the GEN3 STORMFALL-class Mjolnir helmet.[4]


  • In Anglo-Saxon culture, Wyrd is a concept analogous to fate or destiny.


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