Rajtom Facility

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A Rajtom Facility stamp on a crate.

Rajtom Facility was a facility of Misriah Armory, located in Erőd on the planet Reach.[1][2]

The corporation's Department of Supply Distribution utilized the facility to distribute supplies to personnel of the United Nations Space Command armed forces stationed on Reach,[1] and the facility manufactured a variant of the M41 SPNKr.[3] The GUNGNIR-class Mjolnir, developed by Misriah Armory as part of the Office of Naval Intelligence's Project GUNGNIR, was also tested at Rajtom Facility.[4] Merv was employed by Misriah at Rajtom in 2552.[1] The facility was presumably destroyed during the Fall of Reach.


"Rajt" is Hungarian for "start".


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