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Ram Chalva
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Ramsey "Ram" Chalva was the leader of a well-known salvage crew before it was set upon by Gek 'Lhar. Ram was captured but eventually rescued by the crew of the Ace of Spades.[1] He subsequently joined the crew of the Ace of Spades after recovering from his injuries.[2]


In the wake of the Human-Covenant War, salvaging lost technology and assets blossomed into a competitive and prosperous line of work. Ram took advantage of the state of the post-war galaxy and became one of the more prominent individuals engaging in the practice. He regularly did business with Nor Fel's clearing house in New Tyne, Venezia. In January of 2557, Ram and his crew were returning to Venezia from Mesa, where they had cut through the planet's glassed surface to uncover a couple of old M400 Kodiaks and a piece of Forerunner tech. It was then that they were set upon by a war-freighter under the command of the Sangheili commander, Gek 'Lhar. Chalva was taken prisoner aboard the vessel, where he was tortured. It did not take long for Nor Fel to notice the disappearance.[1]

Soon afterward, Gek directed his crew to the planet, Laconia, with intentions to plunder the crashed CPV-class destroyer, Radiant Perception. At this same time, the crew of the Ace of Spades, led by Rion Forge, was also attempting to search the vessel for a log buoy. Before the Ace of Spades could take off after acquiring it, Gek let Ram go free in order to garner the other humans' attention and force them to try to rescue him. Gek lazily took shots at Chalva as he ran east barefoot across the flats. Thinking quickly, Rion took control of her ship and piloted it toward Ram while ordering that the Sangheili ship be fired at. Ram was able to safely climb aboard the ramp and was spirited away safely.[1]

Ram was taken to the Ace of Spades' medical bay where Rion and Cade, a member of the crew with military experience, attended to him. Rion took stock of his severe injuries but told the rest of the crew that Ram would make it, despite not being sure herself. He had suffered multiple wounds during his short time with the Sangheili, including internal damage and plasma burns so deep that they had become infected. As the ship approached Arcadia, Rion checked on him again, and this time they briefly conversed. After giving him painkillers, he was finally able to open his eyes fully and to speak. Rion told him that she was going to have him placed in cryostasis for the time being, and he warned her that Gek had tagged their ship. After this, he lost consciousness and Rion called Cade to help move him into a cryochamber.[1]

After returning to Venezia following a journey to the remains of the Etran Harborage, a Forerunner shield world, Rion had medical assistance for Ram prepared as soon as possible and he was taken to the hospital in New Tyne.[1] Ram later joined the crew of the Ace of Spades before their alliance with 343 Guilty Spark to find the Librarian.[2]

Personality and traits[edit]

Ram Chalva is well-known as far as salvagers are concerned. He is considered a professional and his crew and ship were top-notch.[1]

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