Radiant Perception

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Radiant Perception
Production information


Sinaris-pattern heavy destroyer[1]



1,664 meters (5,460 ft)[2]


1,350 meters (4,400 ft)[2]


Repulsor engines

Slipspace drive:



Nanolaminate plating


Service information

Last sighted:

January 2557, on Laconia


February 9, 2531

Participated battles:

Battle for Arcadia[1]


Fleet of Glorious Interdiction[1]




Radiant Perception[3] was a Sinaris-pattern heavy destroyer in service with the Covenant and a part of the Fleet of Glorious Interdiction.[1]


Procyon system and crash[edit]

On February 9, 2531, Radiant Perception and the rest of the Fleet of Glorious Interdiction attacked the human Outer Colony of Arcadia, beginning the Battle for Arcadia. Towards the end of the battle, United Nations Space Command forces under the command of Admiral Preston Cole began to push Covenant forces out of the system. While Phoenix-class colony ship UNSC Spirit of Fire pursued the fleet, she dropped a log buoy detailing her destination. Halcyon-class light cruiser UNSC Roman Blue, under the command of Captain Terrence Hood, was tasked with retrieving the buoy, however Hood instead attacked Radiant Perception, enraged by the massive losses the Covenant had already inflicted on humanity. Radiant Perception quickly outmatched Roman Blue and Hood ordered a retreat from the system, without recovering Spirit of Fire's log buoy.[1]

During the battle, Radiant Perception intercepted the Spirit of Fire's log buoy, but the ship was damaged by a Magnetic Accelerator Cannon round shortly after and the destroyer crash landed on Arcadia's neighboring planet, Laconia. Following the battle, the Covenant was aware of the destroyer's location, but the ship was abandoned by the empire according to various rumors. One rumor claimed that most of the crew survived the crash, but the ship's Mgalekgolo crew slaughtered their fellow soldiers and proceeded to multiply across the whole planet.[4]

Post-war era[edit]

After the battle on Arcadia, it was theorized by Captain William Webb that Radiant Perception may have picked up Spirit of Fire's log buoy.[3]

In January 2557, Rion Forge, daughter of one of the missing crew member of the Spirit of Fire John Forge, searching for her father's location, traveled with the crew of Ace of Spades to Laconia in an attempt to retrieve the log buoy aboard Radiant Perception. However, reformed Covenant forces led by Gek 'Lhar arrived at Laconia moments earlier in a war-freighter, apparently searching for the Luminary aboard Radiant Perception. Forge and Cade snuck aboard Radiant Perception, where they discovered that the destroyer was occupied by a lone, dying Mgalekgolo. After the two recovered the log buoy, they mercy killed the Mgalekgolo at its own request and returned to Ace of Spades.[5] Though Forge intended to later return to the destroyer, its location was revealed to ONI by Kip Silas.[citation needed]

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