Sector 31

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Sector 31 is a sector in the city of Suraka on the planet of Carrow.


Sector 31 is on the very edge of the city, virtually in the Uldt Desert.[1]


During the Voice of Maardoth assault on Suraka, many residents fled to Sector 31 for safety, as it was the furthest point from the Jiralhanae's occupation zone. More civilians taking refuge in the city sewers were assisted there by Surakan Militia Volunteers soldiers under the orders of Governor Ellis Gass and General Aru.[2] As the refugee population in the sector passed twenty thousand, the Militia began building temporary structures and drawing water from community wells to provide shelter and water to the civilians. The contents of the vertical farms in Sector 24 were also harvested, providing the refugees in Sector 31 with an ample supply of food. Finlay Ice Creams also provided ice cream to children in the sector.[1] After the Sharquoi attacked and the assassination attempt on Hekabe failed, the civilians in Sector 31 were evacuated to various oases in the Uldt Desert such as Herndon Lake, Aza Oasis, and Fallen Tree.[3]

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