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Grace is a General in the Surakan Militia Volunteers.[1]


Insurrection and Covenant War[edit]

Grace was rumored to have worked with Colonel Robert Watts prior to his capture at the hands of Blue Team.[1] Later, after the human population of Carrow was evacuated to Mars in anticipation of a Covenant attack, Grace was offered a position in the United Nations Space Command, an invitation she declined.[2]

Pre-Carrow Conflict[edit]

After returning to Suraka, Grace served on a committee regarding militia staffing levels along with Ellis Gass and Kapoor.[1]

Carrow Conflict[edit]

From the command bunker situated underneath the Wulandari Building, Grace worked with Ellis Gass, Lamar Edwards, General Kapoor, and General Aru to formulate responses to the threat posed by the Voice of Maardoth and later the Sharquoi controlled by Hekabe, as well as dealing with the civilian refugee crisis.[1] She coordinated with militia forces in order to probe Jiralhanae positions and was instrumental in the planning and execution of Operation: BUZZHAWK.[2][3][4] After the operation's success, Grace and her staff traveled to the bottom of the crater in order to oversee the effort to clear the Forerunner facility of any remaining forces. She presumably left the scene before the initial Sharquoi attack on account of the fact that she survived past this point of the conflict.[5] Later, she led the effort to evacuate Suraka alongside Lamar, Kapoor, and Aru.[6]

Personality and traits[edit]

Grace suffered from exhaustion and stress during the events of the Carrow Conflict and was described to have bloodshot eyes, puffy and pale skin, and a simple ponytail.[1]

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