Wulandari Building

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Wulandari Building
Facility information


Suraka, Carrow


Held the Surakan Stock Exchange[1]

Historical information

Controlled by:

Government of Suraka

Notable info:

The Surakan command bunker was located under the building.[1]


The Wulandari Building is a building located in the city of Suraka. The Surakan command bunker was built below the building.

Bold text==Desription== The Wulandari Building contained offices and a trading pit that belonged to the Surakan Stock Exchange. Overlooking the trading pit was a ceremonial balcony that contained a brass ship's bell that was rung when the Exchange was operational. It also contained an underground parking garage beneath the building which contained an elevator that led to the Surakan command bunker.[1]


The Surakan Stock Exchange was closed for a month prior to the onset of the Carrow Conflict. In the early stages of the Jiralhanae invasion of Suraka, Governor Ellis Gass and Vice-governor Lamar Edwards were transported to the parking garage in Warthogs, entering the command bunker via the elevator.[1]

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