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Kait Adelie
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Kait Adelie is a human politician who served as the first governor of the Surakan government on Carrow, having been elected in 2553. The restoration of Suraka occurred under Adelie's administration, with various refugees having arrived at the uninhabited Carrow in 2553. Adelie focused on building defenses and fortified facilities to keep Suraka's citizens safe from potential attacks, investing large amounts of resources and time into doing so.[1]

Adelie chose to delay negotiations with the Sangheili on Carrow, instead ensuring that the local militia was built and Suraka was well-defended.[2] In the following election, Ellis Gass, who served as an engineer in Adelie's administration, ran against Adelie, believing that the Surakan government should focus more on expanding the city to hold more refugees, rather than focusing on defenses. Ultimately, Gass won the election and succeeded Adelie as governor.[1]

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