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July 2558

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"I owe you my life. That is an extraordinary debt. You distracted Ruha here long enough for me to kill him."
— Jat to Dahlia.

Ruha was a Sangheili living on Carrow that followed Thars.[1]


In 2558, the governance of the Sangheili city of Rak changed hands. An individual named Thars that was opposed to any peace with humans had amassed a significant following. Ruha took after Thars' direction. In July of that year, Ruha attacked another Sangheili, Jat, in the desert. While Jat was seemingly incapacitated on the ground, Ruha approached him with a Type-25 plasma pistol to execute him. At that moment, however, a teenage human named Dahlia that was watching the affair shouted and got Ruha's attention. Ruha fired on Dahlia and she fired back with an M295 DMR. Jat took this opportunity to spring from his position on the ground and impale Ruha from behind with a Type-1 energy sword. The twin blades were driven through his chest and pulled upwards in order to split him in half from the chest up.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

Even Dahlia, a human, was able to surmise that Ruha was lacking in honor based on what she witnessed from him. When he turned to look at her, she noted that he seemed to lack all emotion.[1]

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