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Anarosa Carmelo
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c. 2530[1]


March 2556 (aged 26)[1]

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Oros Trading Company[1]


"Medical records clean. No criminal history. Extensive community service. Good kid. Great, even."
— Leo[2]

Anarosa Carmelo was a human test pilot for the Oros Trading Company.[1] After her tragic death, her brain was used by the Office of Naval Intelligence to create the "smart" artificial intelligence Isabel.[3]


"Anarosa was special. She had a very special mind."
— Agent Prauss[2]

Born in around 2530 on the human colony of Mars, Anarosa Carmelo lived with her brother, Michael, in a simple white house at 7735 Killingham Street in a residential area of Mars. She attended Hyugens Preparatory Academy and later First Mars Technical, graduating both institutions in the ninety-ninth percentile. She achieved Goodpasture Foundation scholarships for master's degrees in biology and astronavigation. Following her graduation, Carmelo was hired by the Oros Trading Company and self-selected into their test pilot program with research on colonization protocols, a program created to train pilots for encounters with unexplored or abandoned systems. Carmelo's mother and father had both died from natural causes in around 2553 and 2549, respectively. Flagged as a candidate by the UNSC Navy's Office of Naval Intelligence seeking her permission to use her brain to create a "smart" artificial intelligence after her passing, operatives of ONI spoke her with twice about it, both she delayed her decision both times.[1]

In March 2556, at age twenty-six, Carmelo died from acute hypothermia when she entered the cockpit of a training shuttle to perform a pre-flight checklist. Seven minutes into the checklist, the shuttle's fire-suppression system malfunctioned, filling the cockpit with Aerosol D, killing Carmelo within fifteen seconds. Still hoping to use her brain to create a smart AI, ONI dispatched Agent Prauss and smart AI Leo to her house directly after her death to gain her brother's consent.[1] If consent was gained, Carmelo's brain would be retrieved and preserved, otherwise her body would be sent to Wesley General Hospital. After initially refusing Prauss' proposal, Michael decided to speak privately with Leo about life as an AI. While Leo admitted that the AI created from Carmelo's brain would not be the same person she was nor would Michael be able to speak with the AI, Michael consented to allowing his sister serve as a donor.[4] Carmelo's brain would be used to create Isabel, a smart AI charged with managing logistics at a research base of the United Nations Space Command on Installation 00.[3]

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