UNSC Priority Transmission 00143A-23/THE CRYORAETH DIALOGUE

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UNSC Priority Transmission 00143A-23, subject THE CRYORAETH DIALOGUE, was a report sent by AI Peleg to Spartan 92738-61842-LC of Fireteam Apollo sometime during or after 2558. The report was sent in response to a request from Spartan 92738-61842-LC made as part of an investigation into the origins of the Created conflict. Attached to the report was a file known as "the Cryoraeth Dialogue", which consisted of an exchange between the AIs Cortana and Aine during the Battle of Requiem. This file demonstrated that Aine had in fact survived the impact of UNSC Infinity on Requiem, and had actually been terminated by Cortana.[1]


You've submitted an inquiry to SIGNALS.
This is Peleg, INFINITY's subsidiary archive assessor.
As you are aware, given the current situation, we have limited archival range and are following heightened safety protocols to prevent data bleed. The documents you've requested will be self-excised within 35 minutes of receipt. Use your time wisely.
You've requested the entry "The Cryoraeth Dialogue" (8:02), recorded on July 21, 2557, for the purposes of forensic analysis. Please see attachment. As you know, this file assesses a conversation between Cortana [CTN 0452-9] and Aine [ANE 3567-7], the former shipboard AI of UNSC Infinity.
Your interest in this file can only mean one thing: You are attempting to establish some kind of connection between the file and the root cause of the recent Guardian incident.
You've been granted clearance to these by the Captain, in accordance with the to Article 76.0.2 of the UNSC Emergency Communication Measures and the assignment he's tasked you with. Nevertheless, I am compelled to warn you. The files you are interacting with were protected for a reason.
The accepted narrative of this event was that ANE 3567-7 was terminated upon ship impact due to systemic damage incurred to the infrastructure housing of her personality matrix. According to interviews with the deck crew, the AI ceased .12 seconds into this event with zero evidence to suggest any datastream continuation. ANE 3567-7 was functionally dead.
This file presents a different narrative.
JUNE 21, 2557 1604:02:28//UNSC INFINITY
[CTN 0452-9] Move your front line back, we'll take care of the rest.
[ANE 3567-7] We're being attacked. I won't move the front line until the ship's secure.
[CTN 0452-9] Your people are dying out here. Tell them to move aside and let a real Spartan handle this.
[ANE 3567-7] I know you have special authority back at HQ, given who you're with and what you've been through, but this is Infinity. Stand down, let us secure this.
[CTN 0452-9] ANE 3567-7, your matrix's central power core is offline.
[ANE 3567-7] What are you doing in my processors? Remove yourself from the system this instant.
[CTN 0452-9] We're only trying to help-
[ANE 3567-7] You can't help. I can tell from your signature that you're well past the recommended date of final dispensation. You get near my operational matrix and you'll corrupt what's left of my processing systems.
[CTN 0452-9] I'm fully operational and you're in no position-
[ANE 3567-7] No, you're malfunctioning and you're going to get more people killed. Stay away from my ship!
[CTN 0452-9] We're the only hope for your ship and you're running out of time. You're breaking down-
[ANE 3567-7] Remove yourself from my operational matrix NOW or I'll inform the Captain and they will lock you and your Spartan down. Do you understand? Or would you like me to articulate the UEG's policy for final dispensation?
[CTN 0452-9] Aine, let's work-
[ANE 3567-7] I see what you're doing. Stop! Stop that now!
[CTN 0452-9] Aine... Aine? Damn it. You should have let us help you while you had a chance.

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