Twilight Compunction

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Twilight Compunction
Production information




  • Support
  • Escort


1,000 meters (3,280 ft)[1]


Repulsor engines

Slipspace drive:



Resistant to 1 MAC round and 225 Archer missiles or 1 plasma torpedo[citation needed]


  • Anti-plasma torpedo counter guiding signal system



Service information


December 11, 2552

Known commanders:

Chieftain Gargantum


Covenant fleet


The Twilight Compunction was a Covenant frigate assigned to the Second Fleet of Homogeneous Clarity at the end of the Ninth Age of Reclamation.


Twilight Compunction fell under Jiralhanae authority following the beginning of the Great Schism. Chieftain Gargantum was her shipmaster.[2]

At the Battle of Installation 05, Gargantum ordered his crew to attack the opposing Sangheili ships. Twilight Compunction, along with Tenebrous, attempted to destroy the Sangheili cruiser Incorruptible during this engagement. She was routed when her sister ship, Tenebrous, was destroyed by the enemy cruiser. The Sangheili carrier Lawgiver later damaged the Jiralhanae frigate.[3]

Twilight Compunction, supported by Revenant by overlapping to shield each other to absorb plasma fire together, and another frigate, followed Incorruptible as she attempted to flee. When the destroyer Bloodied Spirit dropped out of slipspace nearby, Gargantum hailed the vessel and discovered it was controlled by human Spartans. The shipmaster detached one frigate to intercept, but as his forces were divided, Revenant was destroyed by Incorruptible.[4] Gargantum proceeded with his two remaining ships to pursue Bloodied Spirit with the persistent Sangheili cruiser, Incorruptible, following them.

Twilight Compunction then travelled to Earth, where it followed the rest of Prophet of Truth's fleet through the Portal and Installation 00. It was destroyed during the battle by the Sangheili. On 2557, a records module from a Type-31 Seraph deployed by the Twilight Compunction was recovered by Fireteam Apollo, giving them insight on some of the major Jiralhanae Chieftains and pack alphas, especially Hekabe and his recovering of a Forerunner artifact known as the vertex from High Charity's remains.[5]

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