Bloodied Spirit

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Bloodied Spirit
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Sinaris-pattern heavy destroyer[1]





Repulsor engines

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November 3, 2552


Covenant, captured by UNSC


The Bloodied Spirit was a Covenant Sinaris-pattern heavy destroyer.[1][2]


During the Great Schism on November 2552, the Bloodied Spirit was controlled by Jiralhanae and one of the many ships attacking Earth. The Bloodied Spirit, along with a sister ship, were in orbit near Station Wayward Rest on November 3 to pick up a dozen FENRIS nuclear warheads. Instead, they picked up the SPARTAN-II Blue Team, who, after clearing the hangar bay of hostiles, killed everything on the ship by venting the atmosphere.

They then took the Bloodied Spirit to Onyx, but on the way, the ship's automated distress call responder enabled, dropping them out of Slipspace where the Sangheili-held cruiser Incorruptible was under attack from the Jiralhanae held frigates Twilight Compunction and Revenant. One of the frigates fired a plasma torpedo at the Bloodied Spirit. The Spartans successfully countered the plasma but another torpedo impacted near the reactors, causing massive plasma fires throughout the ship. The Spartans immediately went into Slipspace again, but not before all the other Covenant ships discovered that the ship had been captured and was heading to Onyx.

When the Spartans arrived at Onyx, the ship immediately came under attack by Sentinels and the Spartans had to evacuate it in a Spirit while the ship crashed into the surface of Onyx, completely destroyed in the process.


  • The Bloodied Spirit was the third known Covenant ship to have been captured by human forces, the first being the Truth and Reconciliation and the second being the Ascendant Justice.
  • Compared to previous captures of Covenant ships by humans, the capture of the Bloodied Spirit was actually relatively easy as was controlling the ship. This was because of what Cortana had learned while controlling the Ascendant Justice following the Battle of Installation 04. Additionally, the Slipspace course the Spartans used had already been charted out and simply had to be uploaded to the ship's systems.
  • Unlike the previous ship captured by human forces, the Ascendant Justice, Blue Team did not attempt to hold onto Bloodied Spirit for an extended period of time. This was because Bloodied Spirit acted simply as a transport ship for them to reach Onyx quickly.
  • The destruction of Bloodied Spirit along with Beatrice being rendered inoperable left the human forces on Onyx without a way off of the planet until months later when the Sarcophagus was removed from Slipspace.

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