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Bradford Gale

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Bradford Gale
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Bradford Gale is a SPARTAN-IV and a member of Fireteam Switchback.[1]


In 2558, Gale and the rest of Switchback were assigned to investigate a Covenant dig site. Around the time Fireteam Crimson was finishing their mission, Spartan Cara Costabile reported the Covenant were using a Harvester and they were encountering heavy resistance and were in need of reinforcements. Fireteam Crimson was closest to their location and was sent in response. When Crimson arrived Switchback was nowhere to be found, only finding blank IFF tags.[2] While on a mission in the "Warrens," Crimson found Switchback, when questioned on Costabile's status Gale informed Commander Palmer that she had been killed by Covenant forces. Along with the rest of Switchback, he was evacuated by Lieutenant TJ Murphy in a Pelican.[1]

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