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Aktis IV
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Aktis system[1]

Orbital position:

Second planet[1]





Aktis IV is the provisional designation for a planet outside of the human Outer Colonies in the Aktis system, a system previously uncharted by the Unified Earth Government. The planet has surface conditions habitable to humans, with the surface of the planet seemingly consisting of a large ocean with scattered island continents. The ocean is composed of an opaque, foamy substance of unidentified composition, which is largely impenetrable to radar analysis.[1]


Aktis IV was once part of the Forerunner ecumene. The Forerunners had left behind some structures and a shrine on the surface of the planet. Jul 'Mdama's Covenant established a base of operations in the shrine with only a skeleton force to guard the outside.[1]

Battle of Aktis IV[edit]

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On July 18, 2558, UNSC Infinity was trapped in the Aktis system over the planet while on a survey mission to establish a research base. Intent on obtaining the other half of the Janus Key, Jul 'Mdama's Covenant used a Forerunner artifact to interfere with the engines of Infinity to prevent the vessel from leaving the system.[2] Discovering a potential source of interference on the planet, Captain Thomas Lasky deployed a recon team consisting of two D79-TC Pelicans and three GA-TL1 Longswords to Aktis IV's surface. The team arrived on a forest island that was located in the northern part of a equatorial archipelago. Commander Sarah Palmer led Fireteam Majestic and Spartan Naiya Ray to the shrine and eliminated the Covenant skeleton force. Once Doctor Henry Glassman was brought to the island, a Forerunner artifact was found in the structure. Upon discovering that the Janus Key was seemingly compatible with the artifact, Glassman had the UNSC's half of the Key delivered to the island for further research. However, the artifact had been created by 'Mdama and Doctor Catherine Halsey to bring the other half of the Key to the island. However, 'Mdama's ambush was ruined when Sali 'Nyon and his rogue splinter group shot down the UNSC aircraft carrying the Key, and 'Nyon took the UNSC's half for himself.[1]

The conflict continued for over seven hours, with Infinity engaged by 'Mdama's fleet while Sali 'Nyon's rebellion raged on in the Covenant's ranks. One member of 'Nyon's faction grew disillusioned with the rebellion, stole 'Nyon's Janus Key half, and offered it to 'Mdama's forces. Dr. Halsey, escorted by 'Mdama's Sangheili, traveled to the planet to reclaim the Key. Meanwhile, the Spartans in the Forerunner structure managed to use the local teleportation grid to travel to the surface, splitting into two groups with different destinations. Palmer's team translocated to the jungle with the intent of ambushing Halsey while the other team, led by Spartan Grant, took a portal to the other side of the island where UNSC reinforcements had been deployed.[3] Palmer successfully captured Halsey but the doctor managed to escape with the Janus Key. Meanwhile, 'Mdama successfully eradicated all of Sali 'Nyon's followers on Aktis IV, ending the rebellion. Jul had Halsey retrieved and the two recombined the halves of the Janus Key, revealing the location of the Absolute Record. With the battle concluded, both the Covenant and the UNSC left the planet.[4]


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