Operation: SLOW DIVE

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Operation: SLOW DIVE

Operation: SLOW DIVE


Human-Covenant War




United Nations Space Command

"Sir. did you receive the report on Codename: Slow Dive? I thought you should see it."
ONI agent 'S' to 'D' on November 17, 2550.

Operation: SLOW DIVE was an operation of the United Nations Space Command in late 2550.


SLOW DIVE was meant to be a "hit and run" mission to neutralize a Covenant forward outpost. When the team arrived at the location of the outpost, however, the Covenant forces there had already been wiped out. In addition, every weapon and vehicle had been taken, save for those that were apparently sabotaged. Ballistics reports from the scene confirmed that most of the damage dealt came from Type-25 spikers, which suggested to the Office of Naval Intelligence that Atriox and the Banished had been responsible for the attack.[1]

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