Operation: PHALANX

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Operation: ABLE SENTRY[1]

Operation: PHALANX


Human-Covenant War[1]


Between 2531 and 2552[1]


Circinius IV, Circinius system[1]


Civilians evacuated from Circinius IV[1]


Operation: PHALANX was an operation of the United Nations Space Command on Circinius IV during the Human-Covenant War at some point between 2531 and 2552. The operation saw the evacuation of civilians and observation of Covenant invasion patterns on the planet, utilizing intelligence gained from Operation: ABLE SENTRY's UNSC Marine force reconnaissance units. At least one Spartan-IIJohn-117—participated in the operation.[1]


In Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, John-117 tells the survivors of Hastati Squad that they are the only survivors on the planet.[2] As the film is set in 2526, the presence of survivors years later ostensibly creates a contradiction. However, it can be assumed that Blue Team was operating on limited information at the time, or that the other survivors were only discovered later.

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