Chancellor's Guards

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Chancellor's Guards
Government overview


Planetary Militia

Head of state:

Bikon Chancellor

Historical overview


Likely following the Battle of Biko




The Chancellor's Guards were the planetary militia created for the defense of the human colony world Biko.[1] Their name is derived from their service to the eponymous Bikon Chancellor.



During the Insurrection, the Chancellor's Guards repeatedly battled against the Biko Independence Army.[1]

Human-Covenant War[edit]

The Chancellor's Guards were considered a threat to the BIA at the outset of the Human-Covenant War.[1] In 2526, the UNSC initiated Operation: SILENT STORM, intending to board and destroy Covenant vessels and space stations in an effort to slow their destructive advance through the Outer Colonies. As the Covenant had already discovered the nearby colony of Etalan, the UNSC decided that they would wait for the Covenant to arrive at Biko to spring their trap. When Task Force Yama arrived Biko's moon of Seoba on March 18, 2526, they moved to occupy the ice quarry where they would wait. However, they discovered that insurrectionists had holed up in the very same quarry. Before they went into battle, Colonel Marmon Crowther instructed all ODSTs and Spartan-IIs under his command to identify themselves as the Chancellor's Guards Battalion Five to any prisoners, ensuring that SILENT STORM's secrecy was not breached.[2]

On March 20, the Chancellor's Guards joined UNSC Navy forces in the Battle of Biko, defending the planet against the Fleet of Inexorable Obedience. Unfortunately, the Bikon fleet only numbered roughly fifty patrol frigates, and could do little to stop the might of over one hundred Covenant warships.[3] The organization was presumably disbanded after the planet's fall.


The Chancellor's Guards had units operating at least on the battalion level, suggesting they had several thousand armed personnel. The Chancellor's Guards presumably operated the fifty-or-so patrol frigates assigned to protect the space around Biko.[1]

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