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Richard Sekibo
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Richard Sekibo was a revered human ambassador for the Unified Earth Government's Outer Colonies.[1]


Biko peace conference[edit]

In 2558, after years of diplomatic work,[1] Richard Sekibo was responsible for finally scheduling peace talks between humanity's Unified Earth Government and a Sangheili kaidon and his clan[2] in a regional embassy in a densely populated city on Biko in the Outer Colonies. Sekibo himself was to lead the conference.[1] For months, Sekibo and the embassy received threats from Sapien Sunrise, an extremist xenophobic organization; Sekibo was deemed a traitor by the group for working with the Sangheili. Nine members of Sapien Sunrise infiltrated Sekibo's delegation—with one member posing as Sekibo's bodyguard—with the intent to assassinate the ambassador and the Sangheili diplomats and blame the attack on the Sangheili. A week before the peace conference was to begin, Sekibo uncovered evidence of the assassination plot and Sapien Sunrise's involvement. Sekibo petitioned the UEG senate for aid, but they rejected his request immediately believing that the radical Sapien Sunrise was not a threat.[2]

Pressed for time, Sekibo continued with the peace conference.[2] As the conference was coming to an end, an agreement of peace was close to being reached. As the Sapien Sunrise infiltrates were about to begin the assassination, the rogue Spartan-II John-117—who had apparently learned of Sekibo's request for aid from the senate—entered the embassy and instantly killed Sekibo's "bodyguard". A firefight began, in which nineteen human security guards would be killed. John abducted Sekibo and created an escape path through Sapien Sunrise-disguised security personnel by killing them. After eliminating all infiltrators, John fled the embassy alongside the Sangheili delegation, which he escorted to safety, and boarded an evacuation ship. However, Sekibo had been mortally wounded during the firefight and he eventually succumbed to his wounds. His corpse was left behind in a field near the embassy. The next day, local officials discovered a signal beacon that led them to his body.[1][2]


An Insurrectionist leader known as "FERO" leaked the initial reports of Sekibo's death, and later provided security footage of the attack. To many viewers, it appeared that the Spartan was responsible for Sekibo's assassination. Citizens of the UEG were outraged by Sekibo's death, with some calling the Master Chief a traitor for assassinating a beloved diplomat. The Outer Colonies were particularly disgruntled by his murder.[1] Several memorials were erected in his honor, including one in the fields on Biko where Sekibo's body was found.[3] The Sangheili kaidon contacted the UEG and revealed that they, nor the Master Chief, were not responsible for the assassination. Further investigations soon revealed that Sapien Sunrise was responsible, though no evidence available to the public supported John's innocence.[2]

As Benjamin Giraud prepared to go public with the truth about the SPARTAN-II program and the Master Chief, the UEG and Biko suddenly reversed course and revealed that Sapien Sunrise was behind the attack, clearing the Master Chief and the Sangheili of any wrongdoing. Ben called it a "classic ONI half-truth" and that Sapien couldn't have pulled it off without the UEG who had rejected Sekibo's requests for help, calling it "arrogant negligence." Sapien Sunrise implicated FERO as the arms dealer who supplied them with the weapons used in the embassy massacre and ONI framed Ben as FERO.[4]


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