Sanctity of Purification

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Sanctity of Purification
Deliver Hope, version of 01/22/2020 (YouTube - ONI Archive – Noble Endeavors Halo: Reach)
Production information


Ket-pattern battlecruiser



1.7822 kilometres (5,847 ft)


861.7 metres (2,827 ft)


230.8 metres (757 ft)


90.7 million metric tons[1]


Pinch fusion reactors


Gablien-pattern Repulsor engines

Slipspace drive:

Ophon-pattern borer


Nanolaminate hull plating


energy shielding


Service information


Battle of Fumirole



Sanctity of Purification was a Ket-pattern battlecruiser in service of the Covenant fleet during the Human-Covenant War.[2][3]


In April 2552, the Sanctity of Purification was part of a Covenant invasion force sent to attack the colony of Fumirole. During the resulting Battle of Fumirole, the Sanctity would hold position over a city on the planet during a pitched battle between UNSC Army forces and the Sanctity's troop complement, using its gravity lift to move troops and supplies onto the planetary surface.[4]

To assist in defending the planet, NOBLE Team were deployed to the ground under a plan devised by Catherine-B320 to deliver a Fury tactical nuclear weapon into the heart of the cruiser. The team would be successful in pushing on the cruiser, though a well-placed fuel rod air strike by a Type-26 Banshee would ultimately hit Kat, rendering her unable to complete the mission. Due to this, Spartan Thom-A293 would take the nuke with only a small amount of time left until detonation, and proceed to use his Series 8 jetpack to fly into the gravity lift and enter the hangar bay of the battlecruiser and throw the nuke into the middle of the Covenant deployment.[4]

Ultimately, the Sanctity of Purification would be consumed in the detonation of the nuke, destroying the battlecruiser and Thom in the process. The explosion would be visible from orbit.[4]


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