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Antimatter is the physical counterpart to matter. Antimatter consists of antiparticles which have the same mass as their matter counterparts but with a reversed charge. Antimatter annihilates upon contact with matter.

The Covenant use antimatter as a reactant in ordnance, namely antimatter charges. These charges were used in the Battle over Installation 04[1] and to destroy Athens Station, Malta Station, and nearly Cairo Station in the Battle for Earth.[2]

Certain Forerunner weapons use antimatter as well; the Z-390 incineration cannon, for example, fires antimatter embedded within streams of energized particles.[3] Converging beam cannons of the Sojourner-class dreadnought created paths for antimatter to pursue enemy starships.[4]

The UNSC is known to have established an antimatter production facility on Mercury alongside solar research facilities,[5] however even the UNSC's most advanced laboratories produce less than a gram of antimatter a year.[6]


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