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Hyperscanners are an advanced type of sensor system developed by the Forerunners and typically mounted on Covenant warships. They are capable of providing extremely-detailed information on any object in range, including internal scans and structural composition. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of data available overwhelm the Covenant crews, and as a result their workstations typically filter anything not of immediate tactical significance.[1] Hyperscanner technology was employed by the Sangheili and equipped on their older Vestige warships such as the Hekar Taa-pattern blockade runner; even these antiquated designs are considered superior to most human-developed sensor technologies, though more modern Covenant starships are capable of easily avoiding their detection.[2] The Mutan Et-pattern storm cutter employs more modern hyperscanner technologies.[1] The sensor vanes of various Covenant ship classes may serve as a part of their respective vessels' hyperscanner systems.

Close to the conclusion of the Human-Covenant War, Forerunner hyperscanner systems captured by the UNSC were moved to the Kelvin Research Station at Pluto for research and analysis.[3] The fruits of these labours would reveal themselves in the form of the Winter-class prowler, whose naval architects had access to the United Nations Space Command's most cutting-edge technologies and were able to integrate a hyperscanner array into the class,[4] which entered service in 2549.[5] A long-ranged hyperscanner, alongside a Luminary, was later integrated into the UNSC Infinity,[6] launched in 2553,[7] and the Autumn-class heavy cruiser in 2554.[8][9]

Within ground installations, hyperscanner technology has been incorporated into the UNSC's Watchtowers.[10]

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